Imports & Important Dogs

Imported Dogs

This is a collection of all our imported dogs during the years.
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IMG_7773Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske

KoljaCh Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

CluraCh Zylvan Amber

dedeCh Centara’s Dazzling Dubonet caper_Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare Tove1_VadstenaCh Keynote’s Shouting Argenta Trombone

Jed_OrmingeCh Geistvoll Voltaire

norahCh Filmur Norah Argenta Albrecht_DanjelCh Albrecht Danjel
DELTACh Delta de Barbaria Swedline Argenta StarletCh Swedline’s Argenta Starlet EddieCh Asgard Argenta’s Endeavor
BandeBarbariaCh Ban de Barbaria Liberty BellCh Asgard Argenta’s Liberty Bell Asgard_argenta_challenger

Ch Asgard Argenta’s Challenger

CAPRICECh Gunnert Caprice Geistvoll

PenelopeCh Asgard Penelope

Important Dogs

Dogs that have lived with us under a longer period and that have made an impact at our breeding

Jack_tree_lake1Ch Centara Outback Jack


Ch Dinamunde Trifele

JollaCh Dinamunde Eldorado Glance´s Destiny
Ch Mascars Mercedes
MORSKACh Mascars Morska