Swedish Champion

Swedeline's Argenta Starlet

Mother of Argenta's second I-litter


Ch Argenta's Imelda

Pedigree of Swedeline's Argenta Starlet, born 1994-01-24

. . Int Ch Carabella First Prize
. Int Ch Argenta's Griffith
. Int Ch Argenta's Eleonora
Ch Argenta's Percival (Sire)
. Ch Paragon's Example
. Int Ch Grunnert Caprice Geistvoll
. Ch Geistvoll Fricka
. . Stall Hagebys Balthazar
. Int Ch Barthausen's Ivan-Ivanovitch
. Ch Halla v Hahlweg
Int Ch Barthausen's Stars n' Stripes (Dame)
. Int Ch Orkan v Hahlweg
. Ch Frekko Gabriella
. Int Ch Mihan Alma

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