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Kennel Argenta - Schnauzer Pepper & Salt

Kennel Argenta's third G-litter

30th of May 2009

Zina and the pups

Parents of Kennel Argenta's third G-litter

Both parents have A hips

Sire Dame
Capitano Zaffron

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta's third G-litter

Ch Yackson von der Ley Ch Macho von der Goliathhohe
Vinette von der Ley
Ch Bahia Ch Gary von der Goliathhohe
Ch Flor von der Goliathhohe
Int Ch Argenta's Griffith Ch Carabella First Prize
Ch Argenta's Eleonora
Ch Argenta's Octavia Ch Ban de Barbaria
Ch Keynote's Shouting Argenta Trombone

20th of July
7 weeks old

Our puppies will soon leave for their new homes.
They have all got great families in Sweden and in other places in Europe.

Miss Red
Miss Red - Argenta's Genova

Miss Blue
Miss Blue - Argenta's Ginerva
Familjen Bridal, Järfälla & Birgitta Andersson

Miss Yellow
Miss Yellow - Argenta's Gemma Grå
Anna-Maija Ahonen, Finland

Miss Green
Miss Green - Argenta's Gunda Grey
Alessandro Midulla, Italy

Mr Orange
Mr Orange - Argenta's Giovanni
Maria Axelsson, Filipstad

Miss Pink
Miss Pink - Argenta's Gilda Grå
John Erik Larsen, Norway

Mr Lightblue
Mr Lightblue- Argenta's Gasparo
Ann Boklund Palm, Österskär

Mr Lilac
Mr Lilac - Argenta's Galileo
Anna & Joakim Lundqvist, Fagersta

5th of July
5 weeks old
Our puppies are now 5 weeks old.
Their puppy yard are as usual our adventure park.
Outside the puppy yard is this magnificent field with flax flowers

Miss Red, Mr Lightblue, Miss Pink, Miss Yellow, Miss Blue

Mr Lilac found a shoe

and Miss Pink found a castle

Miss Yellow

Miss Blue and Mr Lightblue

Miss Blue

26th of June
4 weeks old

Zaffron and her 8 puppies


Light blue




12th of June
2 week old
Zina and her pups
"Zina" and her puppies. They have now open their eyes,
started to play with each other and they gain weight every day.

7th of June
1 week old

The pups are now one week old. Zina has plenty of milk
and they are all very satisfied.

30th of May
Newborn puppies

Our third G-litter has now arrived.
We really crossed our fingers that the long car trip would be successful.
And it was, Zaffron is like her mother very fertile, easy to breed
and she whelped her 8 puppies very easy too.
She got 3 strong males and 5 pretty females.


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