International & Swedish Champion

Argenta's Grace Goodwill

Pedigree of Argenta's second G-litter, born 1998-08-17


Swe & Fin Champion


Int'l, Swe, Norw & Dan Champion

. . Ch Skico's Warchief v Morgenwald
. Ch Skico's Scorpio v Cimarron
. Ch Skico's Snow Bunny
Ch Asgard Argenta's Endeavor (Sire)
. Ch Mascars Mercedes
. Int Ch Argenta's Eleonora
. Ch Kryddgardens Big Boy
. . Ch Barthausen's Rafael Revansch
. Ch Argenta's Norton
. Int Ch Argenta's Galathea
Ch Argenta's Qlaudia (Dame)
. Ch Argenta's Erasmus
. Ch Argenta's Kimberley
. Int Ch Asgard Penelope


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