Swedish Champion

Brussel Winner '95

Argenta's Regina

Mother to Argenta's second A-litter

Pedigree of Argenta's R-litter, born 1992-09-29

. . Copenhagen Cannon Ball
. Ch Edelweiz Tagri Wood
. Madonna v Masatina
Rabjerg's Unicorn of Denmark (Sire)
. Ch Hash v Masatina
. Int Ch Kenya v Masatina
. Inka v Masatina
. . Ch Asgard Kopek von Holz
. Int Ch Carabella First Prize
. Ch Carabella Angelica
Int Ch Argenta's Galathea (Dame)
. Int Ch Kryddgaardens Big Boy
. Int Ch Argenta's Eleonora
. Int Ch Mascars Mercedes


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