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Kennel Argenta - Schnauzer Pepper & Salt
Argenta's Photoalbum

April - May 2005

April 30th

The Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club's show in Malmoe

Two puppies from our 2nd W-litter!
Argenta's Warrick (owner Anette) and Argenta's Wakanda (owner Heidi).

Argenta's Warrick

Argenta's Warrick became Puppy Best of Breed!

Argenta's Wakanda

Argenta's Wakanda competed in Puppy Class 4-6 months.
She became Puppy Best of Opposite Sex!

Argenta's Wakanda

Three puppies from our 2nd U-litter!
Argenta's Utrillo, Argenta's Undine and Argenta's Ursula.

Argenta's Utrillo

Argenta's Utrillo competed in Puppy Class 6-9 months.
He became Best Puppy Male in that class.

Argenta's Utrillo

Argenta's Undine

Argenta's Undine
, "Tara", together with her owner Monica.

"Jack", Ch Centara Outback Jack, became Best in Opposite Sex!

"Caper", Ch von Roth's Fanfare, became Best of Breed!

Argenta's Warrick as Puppy best in Show 2, shown by his owner Anette.

"Jack" became Veteran Best in Show!
Here together with judge Benny Blid, Sweden.

"Caper" became
Best in Show!

April 17th

The Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club's show in Gavle

Argenta's Tolstoy became 3rd best male.

Best of Breed and Best in Opposite Sex
Ch Centara Outback Jack and Ch von Roth's Fanfare
together with Boel, Caroline and the judge Torbjorn Skaar.

Jack became Best in Show and also Veteran Best in Show!

A friend is gone...

Ch Argenta's Galathea

1988 - 2005

No other dog will probably make such an impact on all our lifes than our darling Thea.

She was a wonderful companion to us all, a perfect mother to her own children
and a caring nanny to all Argenta puppies.

Thea was the mother of Argenta's N, R, Y and 2nd C-litter and can be
found in pedigrees all over the world.

She was a natural leader and gave safety and stability to our schnauzer gang even though she started her life as a very adventurous girl.
No fence was too high and no wood was too big to stay unexplored!

How time does fly...

Our two G-girls, Galathea and Gabriella, born just three months apart.

Thea grew up among all our children and really enjoyed taking part in all their games.

Thea was not a only a nice dog, she was also very beautiful!
She was an international and national champion in four different countries and was placed among the top winning schnauzers in Sweden.

Thea became 16,5 years and still we think we ought to have had her longer...

April 1st

Two friends...

Argenta's Sabrina and Ch Argenta's Sherman
both live with the Forslund Nyberg family outside the Swedish town Borlange.

They are both from a S-litter, but they are 10 years apart!
"Brina" will be two in August, but "Shörre" will celebrate his 12th birthday in May!

Thank you Eva for this beautiful photo!

April 1st

Another pair of friends...

"Jezzie" Ch Argenta's Jezebel and
"Clyde" Ch Asgard Argenta's Challenger
are as usual playing around in the garden.

Clyde lives with Gunilla's parents in law, who live very near by,
so the dogs meet each other almost every day.

Isn't he still a beauty, our charming Clyde?
He will be 14 in September.

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