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Kennel Argenta - Schnauzer Pepper & Salt

Photo Gallery of Our Foundation Dogs



Mascars Morska

Int. Swe, Fin & Norw Ch Kbsg Mascars Morska
(Lausbub v d Munteren Gesellen X Mascars Madame Hühnerhof).

Morska was the mother of three litters, 17 puppies, where 10 are champions. Nearly all her sons and daughters have been used in breeding programs. Her three daughters Mercedes, Augustine and Clivia carried on her bloodlines for Kennel Argenta. Morska was a Best in Show Winner and also the 1983 SS of the year in Sweden.


Swe, Fin & Norw Ch Kbsg LP Mascars Mercedes
(Ch Morro v Hahlweg X Ch Mascars Morska).

Mercedes was the mother of Argenta's famous E & H litters and had 6 champion offspring out of 10 puppies, including Int Ch, Germ, VDH, Austrian & Fin Ch Jsg '89, Bsg '88 '89, Esg '91 Argenta's Elvira; Int & Multi Ch Argenta's Eleonora; and Swe & Fin Ch & Winner '88 Argenta's Erasmus. Mercedes was just one CACIB from her Int Ch Title. She was a successful show and obedience dog with several group placements. Mercedes was the SS female of the year 1985 in Sweden.


Mascars Mercedes



Argenta's Augustine

Int, Swe, Fin & Norw Ch Kbsg Argenta's Augustine
(Ch Skansen's Faenrik X Ch Mascars Morska).

Stina was a charming girl who loved water as well as land. She was always happy to accompany us on the sailingboat, for long walks in the Swedish mountains and forests or taking a swim in the sea. She was also a wonderful showdog; she loved to be in center of the attention and she could do anything to get applause!
Stina was the perfect companion for our children; playful but always on the alert to guard them.

She left us 1998 at the age of 15 years. We still miss her!

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Int, Swe, Fin, Norw & Am Ch Argenta's Eleonora
(Ch Kryddgårdens Big-Boy X Ch Mascars Mercedes).

Mother to Argenta's G & M litters. From 1991 she has been co-owned with Kennel Asgard (USA) and the mother of three Asgard Argenta litters. In June 1997, she came to Europe to show at the International Schnauzer Specialty and European Winner show. She was Best in Show Veteran at the Specialty and Best Veteran one of the days of the European Winner show with thousands in competition.

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Argenta's Eleonora



Argenta's Galathea

Int, Swe, Fin, Norw & Dk Ch Kbsg Argenta's Galathea
(Int, Am Ch CaraBella's First Prize X Ch Argenta's Eleonora).

A wonderful showdog and producer! Mother of Kennel Argenta's N, R & Y litters as well as our second C litter. She has 14 champion-offsprings all over the world.

Thea is one of our most charming dogs! She is the teddybear of our children and the nanny of all our puppies!

She was a robust girl, always ready for adventures. Thea was always on the guard! She passed away close to 17 years birthday.

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