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Kennel Argenta - Schnauzer Pepper & Salt

Kennel Argenta's second Y-litter

19th of October 2005

"Fanny" and her puppies.

The puppies, six males and one female,
was born on the 19th of October and
will be ready to move to their new homes just before Christmas!

Five of the puppies are already spoken for!

Don't miss more photos below the pedigree!

Sire Dame
Dante Punta Arenas
International, American, Canadian,
Swedish, Estonian and Finnish Champion
Swedish Winner 2004
Swedish Champion

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta's second Y-litter

Ch Parsifal di Casa Netzer Ch Jandumin Hasse
Ch Nina del Prillo
Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet Ch Charisma Tango
Ch Centara Canicula
Ch Argenta's O'Connor
Ch Keynote's Shouting Argenta Trombone
Ch Argenta's Imperia

5 ½ weeks

The puppies have now entered into their absolute cutest stage!
They are sweet, playful and... haven't yet got the taste of human feet and hands!

The puppies are surronded with a lot of toys,
sometimes used to play with and sometimes used as pillows.

Miss Red trying to get our attention.

This pair of brothers have found a strange looking toy!
It must be examined!

Who needs toys?

Aren't they sweet?
All this playing around really demands a lot of rest and sleep too.

3 weeks

"Fanny" and her puppies.

Fanny is an excellent mother and takes good care of her puppies.

The puppies have started to play with each other.

White and Orange

Orange, White and Yellow


The puppies are nowadays also eating "real" food.

2 weeks

Mr White and Miss Red

Young mr Light-Blue

Two more males, mr Orange and mr Dark-blue

Mr Green and Mr Yellow

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