Born 30th of November 2012 – 6 males & 3 females

Ch Caudatus Zeus x  Argenta’s Eleonor









Ch Caudatus Zeus HD A/A                                                                              Argenta’s Eleonor CAC HD A/B

Both dogs has passed the mentality test with very good results
(2 on shooting)
Ch Caudatus Zeus (Sire) Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy Ch Argenta’s Yeoman Yankee
Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare
Caudatus Laura Biagotti Ch Eipä’s Comme
Ch Argenta’s Qayenne
Argenta’s Eleonor (Dame) Ch Casso’s Jalabert Ch Quito Chapiro
Ch Casso’s Izzie Isabella
Ch Argenta’s Shinade Ch Felice Di Stevens
Ch Argenta’s Octavia

8 weeks old

26th of January 2013

The pups are now 8 weeks old and they have now started to leave for their new homes.

Red stand 8wArgenta’s Mandrake

Red sit 8w
Blue stand 8w
Argenta’s Malwina

Blue sitt 8w
Yellow stand 8wArgenta’s Maxwell

Yellow sitt 8w A
Yellow sitt 8w B

Green stand 8wArgenta’s Meredith

Green sitt 8w
Orange stand 8w B
Argenta’s Morrison

Orange sitt 8w B
Orange sitt 8w
Lightblue stand 8w B
Argenta’s Maverick

Lightblue sit 8w

Pink stand 8wArgenta’s Madison

Pink sitt 8w
Purple stand 8w
Argenta’s Mitchell

Purple sitt 8w
White stand 8wArgenta’s Maximillian Merrit

White sitt 8w

5 weeks old

5th of January 2013

Red male Mr Red

Red ligg 5w

Blue stand 5wMiss Blue

Blue ligg 5w

Yellow stand 5w
Mr Yellow

Yellow ligg 5w

Green stand 5wMiss Green

Green ligg 5w

Orange stand 5wMr Orange

Orange ligg 5w

Turquoise stand 5wMr Lightblue

Lightblue sitt 5w

Pink stand 5wMiss Pink

Pink sitt 5w

Purple stand 5wMr Purple

Purple sitt 5w

Red male Mr White

White sitt 5wMr White



30th of November 2012


Eleonor very easily gave birth to our third M-litter, in just couple of hours 6 males and 3 female arrived. She is also a great mother taking good care of her babies.























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