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Last update 2019.09.21


Argenta’s Saxe Segersäll
(Argenta’s Griffith x Argenta’s Karamelli)
Argenta’s Svea Sköldmö
(Argenta’s Griffith x Argenta’s Karamelli)
Argenta’s Pfeiffer
(Argenta’s Kingsley x Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske)

We got three news show champions!
Two news champions from our S3-litter and one champion from our P3-litter.
Thereby all six puppies from our P3-litter are champions!

We have got our first Miniature Schnauzer with the title: KORAD!
(Approved scent in Nosework: Eukalyptus) 
Argenta’s Mini Jaeger 

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36 years of breeding

87 litters

159 homebred show champions

Hundreds of working titles in a variety of disciplines

Hundreds of champion and winner titles all around the world

World Winners, European Winners, Nordic Winners, National Winners, Bundessiegers, Jahressiegers, Baltic Winners, Junior Winner titles, Junior Champions, The Schnauzer of the Year, The Veteran of the Year, The Junior of the Year, The Obedience Dog of the Year, The Working Dog of the Year, The Agility Dog of the Year, The Puppy of the Year, KORAD, Obedience Champions, Search and Rescue, Herding, Home Guard, Mentality test, Blood Tracking Champions SSCA Studdog of the Year, SSCA Brood Bitch of the Year, SSCA Award of Merit, European Veteran Winner, Veteran World Winner, World Junior Winners Best in Show Winners, Best in Group Winners, Specialty Best in Show Winners, Trained in Avalanche Rescue, Therapy Dogs, Reserve World Winners, European Junior Winners, The All round Dog of the Year, Rally Obedience, Nose Work, Junior Handling

We have received the honorable “Nobel Prize” in dog breeding, The Hamilton Plaquette

But most important we have bred wonderful Schnauzers that have been excellent family dogs and best friends