Imported Schnauzers

Imported Schnauzers

This is a collection of all our imported Standard Schnauzers during the years.
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Aulerco Etalia Dinamunde Ch Invidia Dios Trionfo Ch Invidia Dios Pregio Nacionale
Ad Argenta

Ch Orchidea Alarm Beskyd

Ch Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske

KoljaCh Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
dedeCh Centara’s Dazzling Dubonet caper_Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare Tove1_VadstenaCh Keynote’s Shouting Argenta Trombone

Jed_OrmingeCh Geistvoll Voltaire

norahCh Filmur Norah Argenta Albrecht_DanjelCh Albrecht Danjel
DELTACh Delta de Barbaria Swedline Argenta StarletCh Swedline’s Argenta Starlet EddieCh Asgard Argenta’s Endeavor
BandeBarbariaCh Ban de Barbaria Liberty BellCh Asgard Argenta’s Liberty Bell Asgard_argenta_challenger
Ch Asgard Argenta’s Challenger

CAPRICECh Gunnert Caprice Geistvoll

PenelopeCh Asgard Penelope

Important Schnauzers

Dogs that have lived with us under a longer period and that have made an impact at our breeding

Jack_tree_lake1Ch Centara Outback Jack


Ch Dinamunde Trifele

Ch Mascars Mercedes

Ch Mascars Morska