April 2009

April 2009

26th of April
Swedish Kennel Club National Show in Västerås 

MiniSchnauzer: Patric Ragnarsson, Sweden/Michael Forte, Irland, entry 47
Schnauzer: Svante Frisk, Sweden, entry 17
We started the day in ring number 1.Clura
Zylvan Amber

were entered in the juniorclass under Patric Ragnarsson.
She won the class with an certificatequality and had to come back later in the day and compete in the best female class.
While we waited for that we had to run over to ring number 22 three houses away for the standard schnauzer judging. Today we only had Kolja, Caper and Molly with us.Kolja once again won his class the certificate and the best male class.

He is really a wonderful male.

Caudatus Bohemia “Molly” were shown in the open class
She got the certificatequality and was third best female.

“Caper” Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare and Caroline in the veteran class.

Caper and Caroline
Caper and Caroline won the veteran class and the best female class.
Caper became Veteran Best of Breed and…

Best of Breed
Best of Breed
here with judge Svante Frisk and Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
as Best in Opposite Sex.

Directly after the best of breed competition we run back to the minischnauzer ring. Clura competed in the best female class and came as number 4.
Well done for such a young dog in a tuff competition.

25th of April 
Lithuanian Schnauzer/Pinscher Specialty 

We not only had success in Sweden….
We got news from Lithuania. At the Lithuanian Schnauzer/Pinscher Specialty
our Multi Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger won the Best in Opposite Sex and recieved the winner title Lithuanian Clubwinner 2009.Dinamunde Loreda & Argenta's Carl Crueger
Best of Breed Ch Dinamunde Loreda and
Best in Opposite Sex Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger

“Argo” Multi Champion & Multi Winner Argenta’s Carl Crueger

April 2009

We not only have beautiful dogs!!
They got brain too….. Within couple of day we got two great wins.
Argenta’s Brittany competed in appell class in tracking.
Got great points and qualified for lower class in tracking and came third in the huge class. This was their first try in a huge competition.
Well done Annelie and “Bella”

And again Jens gave us an obedience champion, this was his third one!!
First one were Multi Ch, Multi Obedience Ch Korad Argenta’s Dorothea, second
Elite Obedience Champion Argenta’s Sgt. Pepper and now

Uffe 6 month



Swe Ch Swe Elite Obedience Champion Argenta’s Utrillo

He won his title in Eksjö the 19th of April.
He also won the competition with 271,5 points!
Well done Jens, you and Ing-Marie are a great team around the Argenta dogs.

11th of April
Stockholm Kennel Club International Show in Stockholm 

Standard Schnauzer: Paul Jentgen, Luxemburg
Mini Schnauzer: Kari Granaas Hansen, Norge

We all went to the International SKK show hosted in Kista Mässan.
18 standards and 47 minis were entered. Zylvan Amber “Clura” was first dog out.
There were 10 junior females entered and Clura came as number 2
with a very good judgement.


Then we had to run over to the standard schnauzer ring.
Argenta’s Ellington won Puppy Best of Breed.
Swe Winner’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja” won the youth class


Kolja won Best of male with CAC and CACIB

Unfortunatelly a very bad photo but
Centara Dazzling Dubonet “Dede” won the open class CAC and CACIB.
That gave her the Swedish Championtitle!

Ch Von Roth Fanfare “Caper” 8 years old
won Veteran Best of Breed and second best female

So in the end “Kolja” and “Dede” were competing about the Best of Breed.

Caroline with Best in Opposite SexCh Centara Dazzling Dubonet judge Paul Jentgen
Boel with Best of Breed Swe Winner ’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Caper competed in the Veteran final ring she won

Veteran Best In Show Reserv 

Kolja also competed in the final ring in Group number 2.

In the final ring Boel and Kolja

Kolja BIG 1
Kolja won

Best in Group  

Here with judge Elzbieta Chwalibóg, Poland

While waiting for Mikael to get the car, we took some photos

Zylvan Amber 11 month old

Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare 8 years old


Swe Winner 2009 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 18 month old


5th of April

Our breeding trip to Italy 

Argenta’s Zaffron came into heat and the time was good to do the breeding we have been thinking about for such a long time.
We drove down to Turin in Italy for the meeting between “Zina” and her fiance
Ch Capitano Mio Capitano d’Utrillo.It was a long trip over 5000 km but it was worth every km.
We brought our Clura with us so that Zina had some one to talk to during the long trip.

Boel, Zina and Clura in the city Cuneo

Saluzzo is the small town close to were Capitano and his family are living.

It is close to the alps between Italy and France

It is also close to the Mediterranean so we took a trip down to the sun.

The water was fun

Here is the reason for our trip to meet spring and love.
Italian Ch Capitano Mio Capitano d’Utrillo now over 9 years old.
Capitano carries all the old famouse European bloodlines and it is very nice that we hopefully will have them back into our pedigrees again.

So when Zina and Cpitano had done what we wanted them to do.
We went back north and home again. To do so we had to drive thru and over the alps via the San Bernadino pass.

We now cross our fingers for a great litter out of Capitano and Zaffron.
Puppies are due to the beginning of June, keep looking at the puppy info.