Argenta’s Klementine

Argenta’s Klementine
Swedish Champion

KlementineKlementine 3,5 years

11909582_10153372901734724_3892203461856449227_oBrother and sister
Best of Breed: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kingsley
Best in Opposite Sex: SEUCH Argenta’s Klementine

BOB_BOS_-Morrison_KlementineBest of Breed: SEUCH Argenta’s Morrison
Best in Opposite Sex: SEUCH Argenta’s Klementine

11924284_10153372900519724_5091707394034290822_nKlementine 3,5 years old

Klementine 2,5 years old

1276652_10151826597772158_460238903_oKlementine 1,5 years old

1277000_10151826596457158_31490082_oKlementine 1,5 years old

419435_10150583051689724_1238591396_nKlemenine 7 weeks 

blue-sit-7wKlementine 7 weeks

 Owner: Karola Reuterström

HD A/A Passed mentality test with
2 on shooting, 5 on contact, 4 on playing
Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third K-litter
Born 5th of January 2012
Sire Dame
Mollberg_400 TrifaTallinn08
C.I.B, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Nordic Champion C.I.B, Multi Champion, Multi Winner
CH Caudatus Ray of Sunshine Ch Dinamunde Trifele
CH Caudatus Ray of Sunshine
Keynote’s New Orleans Trombone CH Casso’s Jalabert
CH Keynote’s Trigger Trombone
CH Caudatus Donatella Versace CH Eipä’s Comme
CH Argenta’s Qayenne
Ch Dinamunde Trifele
Ch Jetaime Talhi Raritet Ch Dinamunde Diplomat
Ch Jetaime Talhi Instant Victory
Ch Dinamunde Loreda Dinamunde Daster
Ch Trude Gracons