Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

Swedish Blood Tracking Champion
Swedish Junior Winner ’12

IMG_7639“Kenja” 2 years old and winning BOB, CAC and Best In Show 3 at Schnauzer Pinscher Specialty in Gothenburg and she now only need one more CAC for the Swedish champion title 1390525_10151959667052158_974022550_n“Kenja” 19 months

Kenja 1538632_10152305904182158_1429421020_n

“Kenja” freestanding

1276510_10151855854897158_356854990_o 1269246_10151855861157158_1924938973_o 64706_10151757362687158_236802899_n“Kenja” 17 months Dahlia Argenta’s Mini Dahlia, “Kenja”, 14 months Kenja run_7 monthsKenja running

Kenja 13 months


904356_10151419359659724_1399042316_o 892410_10151419360184724_1387693422_o 530182_10151419359914724_78930754_n 480773_10151419359939724_601623548_n


IMG_3398 Kenja_7months

Kenja 7 months

IMG_1001 Kenja8 IMG_4636 Dahlia Dahlia Dahlia IMG_1015 IMG_1022 540351_10150765450842158_1175968544_nKenja 13 weeks 543287_10150765450297158_7654852_n kenja_kellt Kenja together with her best friend Argenta’s Karamelli

Kelly_kenja pink-8w

Kenja as a puppy

miss-pink-stand-7w miss-pink-sitt-7w

Own by Caroline Spetz, Kennel Argenta

PRA free, Cataract free
Passed Mentality test with 4 on Contact and 2 on shooting 
MAC Free
Comma Defect Negative
Size: 31 cm 
 Mother to Argenta’s Mini G-Litter and Argenta’s Mini J-Litter
Born 4th of February 2012
Sire Dame
C.I.B, SeUch, DkUch, FinUch, EeCh, NordCh
La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey Argenta’s Mini Aksinja
La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey (Sire) Ch Mini-Maksi Ostin Russkiy Assorti’c Yason
Arnu Sofi
Ch Kissmeth’s Donna Deleia Minitown’s Magnus Uggla
Ch Schnauzi-Hero’s Divina-Diana
Argenta’s Mini Aksinja (Dame) Minuteman Natural Talent Ch Minuteman Fixation
Ch Minuteman Repitition Romantica
Ch Dinamunde Eldorado Glance’s Destiny CH Benefit Rezlark
Ch Dinamunde Monika L