August 2010

August 2010

29th of August
Swedish Kennel Club International Show
Visby, Gotland 

Schnauzer: Thord Byström, Sweden
Miniature Schnauzer: Börge Espeland, Norway
Group 2: Thord Byström
Margareta and “Anton” Argenta’s Mini Antonov came to the show.
Anton won the best male class with CAC and CACIB
Antonov also won Best of Breed here with judge and BOS Schnauzi-Hero’s Bettina Bossanova

Kolja won the best male class with CACIB
Argenta’s Felcity came third in the intermediate class

Ch Argenta’s Wakanda and Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonne 
“Dede” won the best male class with CACIB
Wakanda won

Best in Show 2 Progeny Group

the day before

Kolja Best of Breed and Dede Best in Opposite Sex

Kolja and Anton in the group

Kolja winning

Best in Group 2 

Some photos of Argenta’s Mini Antonov 


28th of August 
Swedish Schnauzer/Pinscher Club National Specialty

Judge: Annelie Alfthan, Finland
First one out and for the first time in the official classes
Argenta’s Mini Anatoly 

he got a first prize and a great judgement



Argenta’s Eleonore on her second show
she won the CAC and second best female

Kolja Best of Breed and Caper Best in Opposite Sex

Caper winning

 Veteran Best in Show 

here with judge Per Svarstad

Kolja winning

Best in Show

Kolja found his son Wellfith’s Styx and they had agreat time together.
Styx also won Puppy Best in Show 4!

22nd of August 
Swedish Kennel Club International Show

Schnauzer Judge: Ronnie Tolson, Irland
Group Judge: Thord Byström, SwedenFor the first time we had a show in Eskilstuna instead of in Nyköping. It was really a great show ground. Plenty of space, big rings, great parking close to everything. We also had a very nice dog show weather.

We only came with two dogs this time.
Kolja and his wonderful son WJW’10 Argenta’s Flanagan.
Kolja won best of breed and “Primo” came second in the best male class
with CAC and res CACIB

WJW’10 Argenta’s Flanagan “Primo”


in front of the judge

Kolja best male with CACIB and Primo second best male with CAC and res CACIB

Kolja Best Of Breed and Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda BOS
here with judge Ronnie Tolson

Then we had to wait for the final ring and once again Kolja were placed among all the breeds
that are included in FCI group number 2.


The first pick

Today as yesterday Kolja became

Best In Group 4 

21th of August 
Swedish Kennel Club National Show

Schnauzer and Mini Schnauzer judge: Benny Blid, Sweden
Veteran Judge: Kirsti Lummelampi, Finland
Group Judge: Carsten Birk, DenmarkOur mini, Argenta’s Mini Aleksej “Olsson” on his first show.
He behaved wondefully and got a first prize.

Argenta’s Mini Aleksej “Olsson”

Olsson, Caroline and the judge Benny Blid

We are so proud of Argenta’s Mini Aleksej


Argenta’s Fielding came second in the intermediate class

LP I Argenta’s Yackson came second in the open males
and fourth in the best male class

Kolja won the best male class and Best of Breed
BOS Ch Estellet’s Flower-Fanny 
judge Benny Blid

Caudatus Bohemia
 came second in the open class

Caper won the veteran class and came fourth in the best female class,
she was also Veteran BOB

Kolja won a great

Best In Group 4

in the the big group number 2

In the finale ring Caper once again and for the second time at the Kennel Club show in Norrköping
won an all breed

Veteran Best in Show 

15th of August
Norwegian Kennel Club International Show

Judge: Kirsi Kentala, FinlandMulti Ch LP I Argenta’s Yoline came second in the best female class with CAC and reserv CACIB
and the Norwegian championtitle
Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy got a first prize in the champion class

14th of August
Norwegian Kennel Club International Show

Judge: Christian Jouanchicot, FranceMulti Ch LP I Argenta’s Yoline came second in the best female class with reserv CACIB

Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy

Caroline also competed with Susanne’s Affenpinscher Madicken

Ch Velvet Dandy’s Laa-Laa
They won CAC, the Norwegian championtitle, CACIB and Best in Opposite Sex.

8th of August
Filipstads Working Dog Club 

LP I & LP II Argenta’s Yellowstone competed in lower class tracking.
Won the class with 509,25 points! He is now qualified to higher class in tracking.To qualify to higher class he had to have at least 420 points.Well done Maria and Ozzy!

8th of August 

We got our first Blood Tracking Champion!We also got our first championtitle in our Miniature Schnauzer breeding!Congratulations to

Bloodtracking Ch Argenta’s Mini Antonov (Viltspår)
and owner Margareta Johansson

8th of August
Swedish Kennel Club International Show 

Judge: Patric Ragnarson, Sweden
Veteran Best in Show: Tapio Erola, Finland
Group Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, NorwayFor the first time in about ten years we had a sunny show day in Svenstavik!Kolja won Best of Breed with CACIB and
Caper came second best female and Veteran Best of Breed under
Schnauzer judge Patric Ragnarson
In the afternoon Caper won Veteran Group 3rd and Kolja Best in Group 4th

Best of Breed Kolja judge Patric Ragnarson
BOS Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda & Maria Borg

Caper and Caroline winning

Veteran Best in Group 3

Kolja Best in Group 4 


7th of August
Swedish Schnauzer-Pinscher Club Show

Schnauzer judge: Zorica
Veteran Best in Show Pia Lundberg, SwedenWe had Kolja and Caper with us.

Kolja came third best male and Caper third best female. Caper were also Veteran Best of Breed and later on in the afternoon under the competent judge Pia Lundberg
Caper won another

Veteran Best in Show