August 2009

August 2009

August 22nd
Estonian Kennel Club Show
Baltic Winner 2009 
Tallinn, Estonia 

Judge: Anne Sume, Estonia

Best of Breed and Baltic Winner 2009

Carl Crueger
Multi Ch & Multi Winner Argenta’s Carl Crueger 

Best of Breed Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger Best in Opposite Trels Zigrunagelis 
with judge Anne Sume, Estonia


August 23rd 
Stockholm KennelClub National Show in Vallentuna, Stockholm

Judge: Liz-Beth Liljeqvist, Sweden – 17 SS

There are really ups and downs 🙂

We had Kolja, Caper and our “Molly”, Caudatus Bohemia entered to the show.

Kolja and Boel
Kolja came second in the open males and third best male with certificate quality.

“Molly” won the open females with certificate quality and was third best female.

Caper was the best veteran female with certificate quality,
but was never placed in the best female class.

In the veteran final ring she was picked among the 8 best veterans out of nearly 40, all breeds!

with the judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden

August 22nd
Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club National Specialty
Marianne Frestadius memory show 

Judge Standard Schnauzer and Junior BIS: Petra Junehall, Sweden – 21 SS
Mini Schnauzer and Veteran BIS: Anita Whitmarsch, Sweden – 42 MS
Puppies and BIS Puppy: Jan Ericsson, Sweden
Best in Show: Per-Erik Wallin, Sweden

The day started with plenty of rain
and Kolja started in the ring

Kolja and Boel
Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja” won the open class

our next dog were Utrillo in champion class

Utrillo and Caroline
Ch, LP Swedish Obedience Champion Argenta’s Utrillo won the champion class

Best male with CAC were Kolja and second best male and
today also SKBV – Swedish Clubwinner Ch Argenta’s Utrillo

So over to the females

Caudatus Bohemia
Caudatus Bohemia won the open females

Ch Argenta's Adiola
Ch Argenta’s Adiola came second in the champion females and third in the best
female class. Her daughter Adiolas Bumble Bee won Best of Breed puppy 6-9 month
and her son Adiolas Billy Boy came second in the puppy males 6-9 month
Proud father is our Ch Argenta’s Utrillo

Centara Dazzling Dubonet
third in champion females were Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet
she was also fourth in the best female class

Caper and Caroline
Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare won the veran class and were second best female.

Judging for the Best of Breed

Best of Breed
Best of Breed Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro, BOS Ch Velvet Dandy Sigrid Storråda,
here with judge Petra Junehall

and so over to the puppy ring and our F3-puppies debut in the show ring

Argenta’s Fielding were Best of Breed Puppy

second best male puppy Argenta’s Flanagan

Argenta’s Felicity best puppy female 

Puppy BOB
BOB Agenta’s Fielding & BOS Argenta’s Felicity

Ida with “Flisa” and Boel with “Stilton”

and when the puppies were done, over to the mini ring

Zylvan Amber
Our “Clura” Zylvan Amber were shown in the junior class that she won.

She was also the best junior in the breed.

So when we were done, it was just waiting for the final ring.
We had some coffee, nice talking, some grooming and of course we took plenty of pictures.

We started to take some photos of “Zebbe”

Swe, Fin & Latvian Ch, LP I Argenta’s Zaerskild 

Swe, Fin & Latvian Ch, LP I Argenta’s Zaerskild 


Argenta’s Fantazia 

Argenta’s Felicity 

Argenta’s Fielding

Argenta’s Flanagan

and then it was time for the final ring

Puppy BIS R
Argenta’s Fielding 

Puppy Best in Show Reserv 

Clura and Caroline
Caroline and Clura in the junior final

with the judge Petra Junehall

Zylvan Amber “Clura”

Junior Best in Show 2 

From the youngest to the oldest

Caper and Caroline
Caper in the veteran final

Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare and Caroline winning

Veteran Best in Show 2


and so at last, the final we all have been waiting for Best In Show.

Kolja Best in Show
Swe & Est Winner ’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro,
our darling Kolja with Juge Per-Erik Wallin


August 16th
Vaasa, Finland 

Argenta's Falstaf Fakir
Argenta’s Falstaf Fakir “Staffan” 5 month old,Thank you Kirsi he is wonderful!

August 16th
Nora BK – Workingdog club 

Argenta's Yellowstone LP I Argenta’s Yellowstone,competed in Obedienclass 2, won the class with the qualifications points (170p).
That gave him a second 1 price, just one more to go for the next obediencetitle LP II.
Well done Maria and Ozzy!

August 16th
Swedish Kennel Club national show in Nyköping 

Breed and Group judge: Anita Whitmarsch, Sweden, 13 SS
Veteran judge: Joo Schepers, The Netherlands

Another day, another show.
Nykoping is just one hour south of Stockholm, so it is nearly home.
No rain this year but WINDY…..
A great judge and great results.

Kolja in open males

waiting for the judge

two open males Boel and Kolja, Maria and Velvet Dandy’s Valentine

Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Brittany won open females
and where placed as third best female.

Caper and Caroline winning the veteranclass and the best female class

Best of Breed Sw W’09 & Est W’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 
Best in Opposite Sex Ch & Winner Von Roth’s Fanfare with judge Anita Witmarsch

Kolja and Boel waiting for the finalring

waiting for the prejudging

entering the finalring

in the finalring


Best In Group 4


then it was time for Caroline and Caper to enter the Veteran finalring


Veteran Best In Show Reserv 

we got some wonderful photos from Anne, kennel Fixus

Kolja found a real squeeze toy just for him
“Kjelle” the poodlel or Fixus Not On Purpose

They had a great time playing


August 16th
Russian Kennel Club show in Tula 

Ch Argenta's Carl Crueger
Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger 
went to Russia for a rendezvous
and at the same time he went for a dogshow were he won the last CAC for his Russian championtitel!!!
Well done Argo

August 16th 
Norwegian Schnauzer Pinscher Club Specialty Show, Oslo 

Pepper and Annika
Ch Argenta’s Culpepper 
won Best of Breed on the specialty show.

August 15th 
Norwegian Kennel Club International show in Oslo

Pepper and Annika
Ch Argenta’s Culpepper 
went to Norway
were he won CAC, the Norwegian Championtitle, CACIB and Best of Breed
Well done Annika and Pepper!

August 15th 
Swedish Kennel Club International show in Norrköping 

Judge Per Lundström, Sweden. 16 standardsWe went to Norrköping, couple of hours south of Stockholm
We brought Kolja, Caitline, Caper and her daughter Brittany with us.
Kolja started in the ring

He won open males and he also became best male with CAC and CACIB

Next dog were Argenta’s Brittany “Bella” shown by Caroline.
They won the open females

Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Caitline came 4th in championfemales.

Caper won the veteran class and became Veteran Best of Breed.
In the best female class she was second best female and Bella 5th best female.
Bella also won the CAC and that gave her the Swedish Championtile.
That was Caroline’s second champion within a month.

That gave us also our 104 champion (owned or bred)!
When counting only one championtitle.
One dog could have more than one championtitle and if
counting that it would give us hundreds of championtitles.

Cornelia preparing Kolja for the best of breed

This weekend we changed the BOB winner.
This time Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda got the yellow and red ribbon
and Kolja became Best in opposite sex.

Caroline calling Annelie and Tommy to tell them about Bella’s championtitle.

Our camp at the show, Cornelia and Mikael

Caroline and Caper competed in the Veteran group in the final ring

They entered the finalring

waiting for the judge to pick his dogs.

He picked Caroline and Caper

It is soon time for Caroline and Caper to show their movements

and they won

Veteran Best In Group Reserv 

Multi Ch and Multi Winner Von Roth’s Fanfare and Caroline

As we got one more champion today we had to take some new photos

Swe Ch, LP I Argenta’s Brittany 

a lot of news and photos 

Ch Argenta’s Zaerskild and Anki went to Uleåborg in Finland
and they came home with a Finnish championtitle.
Judge Kirisi Kentala, Finland
Argenta’s Zeck Zentara winning a 4 point major,
here with the judge and the owner Linda Dobbie, Kennel Centara. USA

Argenta’s Isolde 10 years old, With the skyline of Stockholm in the background

Argenta’s Fantazia 12 weeks old

Fantazia “Fanta” on her first dogshow 4 month old.

Eva and Fantazia in front of the judge.
They won Puppy Best in Group 4, a great debut!! Well done.

Argenta’s Felicity also 4 month old

Greetings from Italy and Argenta’s Gunda Grey

The National show in Marupe, Latvia
Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger Best in Opposite Sex

Best of Breed Ch Dinamunde Loreda

August 8th
Swedish Kennel Club show in Askersund 

Birgitta and Caroline went with Argenta’s Brittany to the show.”Bella” won the open class with certificatequality. She was placed fourth in the best female Class
Argenta’s Eleonor won the juniorclass with certificatequality

August 1th 
Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Club Show

Judge: Helene Björkman, Schnauzer, 18 SS entered

We went to Norrland and brought 2 dogs with us, Caper and Kolja.
Actually we had tree dogs with us but Clura the mini was just socializing.

won open males and came as second best male with CAC and SKBV-card

Kolja in fron of the judge
Swe Winner ’09 & Estonian Winner ’09
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

“Caper” won the veteran class with the SKBV-card and
she was third in the best female class.

Caper and Boel

Later in the afternoon under judge Knut Kristian Andersen, Norway
she won

Best in Show Veteran

even if she wasn’t her self.

Caper, Boel and the judge
Int Ch & Multi Winner Von Roth’s Fanfare

This was a very nice show, it always is with our own special shows when we have time to meet and talk to all friends. To stay at the same place as the show was of course very convenient. In the evening we had a nice barbecue with Marie, Janne and there friends.

August 2nd 
Swedish Kennel Club International show in

Judge: Marit Mäkinen, Finland
18 standard Schnauzers entered.

Mrs Mäkinen was a new and nice acquaintance. She took her time when judging and for her the movements was very important. So we had to run lap after lap and in the end our Kolja won with his great movements. Second in the best male class came Adiola’s Alenzo, Ch Argenta’s Undine’s son. Always well presented.
Kolja won the CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed.

Kolja in front of the breed judge

The best male class
youth class Adiola’s Alenzo, open class Kolja

Caper in front of the judge

Running for the Best of Breed

Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro and Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda

Best of Breed Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro and
Best in Opposite Sex Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda, Kennel Velvet Dandy

Running into the final ring

Judge Gunnel Holm, Finland looking at Kolja

Waiting for the result

Kolja Reserv Best in Group 2
and it was

Best in Group Reserv 

Caper won Veteran Best of Breed and was placed as fourth best female. She was even more laid back today and when she throwed up we understood why.
She was of course never shown in the final ring

best friends Kolja and Clura