August 2008

August 2008 

August 31th 

Swedish Kennel Club’s international dogshow in Visby, Gotland 

Judge: Benny Blid Von Schedvin, Sverige
12 standard schnauzersLp I Argenta’s Zaerskild best open class male,
wins the CAC, second best male with reserv CACIB.
Centara Dazzling Dubonnet wins the CAC,
becomes second best female with reserv CACIB.
Swe Ch Argenta’s Adiola Best of Breed with CACIB.

Zebbe and Dede
LP I Argenta’s Zaerskild and Centara Dazzling Dubonnet 

August 30th 

International KennelClub Show in Russia 

Latvian Youth Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger

Wins the Russian Youth Championtitle.Congratulation!



August 30th 

Swedish Kennel Club’s national dogshow in Visby, Gotland 

Judge: Andre van den Broek, Holland
11 standard schnauzersLp I Argenta’s Zaerskild best open class male.
Swe Ch Argenta’s Adiola best champion female and second best female.


Centara Dazzling Dubonnet CAC and Best of Breed.
Perfectly presented by Anki Thörnestad.

August 28th 

Argenta’s Zervantes
out of
Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Griffith & Swe Ch Argenta’s Octavia

Thank you Petra and Monica for this nice photos.
We are looking forward to see Kazper soon.

“Olsson” came for his first grooming.
Argenta’s Mini Aleksej 4 month old.

August 27th 

We got a nice photo of “Anton”, thank you Puck.
Argenta’s Mini Antonov “Molly” have been groomed for the first time.

Argenta’s Mini Aksinja 

August 25th 

Eva and “Zina” Argenta’s Zaffron came to visit today.
Zina has really matured since we saw her last time.
She had her hips x-rayed some weeks ago and she had A/A hips.
We are looking forward to her first litter that are planned for next year.
We are now looking for a good male for her.Zina




This photo very much look like a photo
we took of Zina’s father Griffith, 18 years ago.

Int & Multi Ch Argenta's Griffith
Int & Multi Ch, LP, KORAD Argenta’s Griffith 
the father to Argenta’s Zaffron.
A breeding that was made by frozen semen.

August 24th 

Svenska Cavalier King Charles sällskapets
inofficiella valputställning 
Vågsjölund, Täby

Argenta’s Driscoll won Best of Breed Puppy and also Best in Group Puppy were there where 99 puppies in group 2 entered. Later that day they won

Best In Show 3! 

Well done Ann and Vicke!



August 24th

Argenta’s Mini Anatoly 4 month,
before grooming.Tolle

August 19th 

We were lucky to have our wonderful “Jack” 
Ch Centara Outback Jack

here in Sweden for some time.
During that time he not only were the most winning Standard Schnauzer
he also gave us some gorgeous puppies.
His puppies have shown that they are not only good looking they
are also wonderful family dogs and great working dogs.

Here are some of them.

Our first litter were the W2-litter, out of
Ch Keynote’s Shouting Argenta Trombone

Viggo nearly 3 years old
Swe Ch
Argenta’s Warrick Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 1
A/A hips

Swe Ch 
Argenta’s Wakanda Broodbitch at kennel Elestorp
Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 2
A/A hips

Our next litter, the X2-litter were out of LP I Argenta’s Millenia
and the Y2-litter were out of Ch Argenta’s Roxanne

Sally 3 years old
Ozzy 2,5 year old
Argenta’s XolitaireReserv CACIB on show
Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 2
A/A hips

Argenta’s Yellowstone CAC on show
Obedience title with very high points
Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 1
Qualified into lower class in tracking
A/A hips


Yackson 2,5 years old
Cara 2.5 years old
Argenta’s YacksonCAC on show
Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 1
1th prize in obedience class 1
A/A hips

Swe & Fin Ch, World junior Winner’06, Polish Junior Winner’06, Nordic Winner’07, 
Swe Winner’08, LP I
Argenta’s Yoline 
Obedience title with high points
A/B hips

Some dogs from other breeders in Europe.
Mother to Ravel is Ch Othilie vom Achterplätzchen
Mother to Mustang is Pognos Impala

Int, Germ, VDH, Lux & Swe Ch, Lux, VDH Junior Ch, 
BSG, Kbsg, Jsg, ISPUjsg
Ravel vom Achterplätschen Ausdauerprüfung, Begleithundprüfung
A2 hips

Pognos MustangCAC on show
Qualified Mentalitytest shooting 2
B hips

Orry-Bessie van de Vanenblikhoeve 
Best of Breed
several CAC and CACIB
A hips

August 17th 

Swedish Kennelclub’s International Dogshow in Nyköping 

Standard Schnauzer: Eva Borg 21 entered

Another rainy dog show.
This time we had only entered Zaerskild, Kolian and Caitline.

First out in the ring were “Kolja”
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 
He won Puppy Best of Breed and were later in the afternoon picked in the group
in the Best in Show Puppy

Next dog were LP I Argenta’s Zaerskild.

He won the open males got the certificate quality
and were third best male.

Our last dog in the ring were Argenta’s Caitline.

CAroline and Caitie
She won the junior class, got the certificatequality
and was 4th in the best female class. The only thing the judge had to “complain” about Catie was her absens of beard. The reason for our Pinscher looking Schnauzer is our darling Clura the mini schnauzer. She don’t use her legs she just hang on to Caitie’s beard and off they go….

August 17th 

Nora Working dog club

We got some great news from Maria and Argenta’s Yellowstone today.Ozzy

They competed in Obedience class 1 and got a first prize, Ozzy’s third one, so that gave him the title LP I. He had 177 points so in the end they were third among 14 dogs in the class. Well done Maria and Ozzy. You really show that a schnauzer can be both smart and good looking.

August 9th 

Swedish Kennelclub’s International Dogshow in Askersund 

Standard Schnauzer: Dodo Sandahl, 19 entered
Miniature schnauzer: Eva Borg, 22 enteredKolian
“Kolja” Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro were entered
in the puppyclass and won Best of Breed Puppy.

Maria had entered her “Ozzy” Argenta’s Yellowstone.
He became best open male won over all the males and got the CAC, CACIB and Best in Opposite Sex. We are so proud that we have so many nice males.
Ozzy is not only good looking! He has moved up to the lower class in tracking and he just need one more 1th prize in obedience to get the obedience diploma LP.
He had a great mentalitytest and have A/A hips.

Second best male were Adiola’s Alonzo from juniorclass a son out of
Ch Argenta’s Undine and a grandson to Ch Argenta’s Leonora.

When it was time for Caroline and Argenta’s Caitline the rain poured down.
But they won the juniorclass despite the rain.

In champion females
Ch Argenta’s Adiola came fourth and she was the 5th best female.
“Fixa” won her last CAC and the swedish championtitle just after her 2 years birthday
just couple of weeks ago.

The best female with CACIB were Ch, LP I Argenta’s Yoline

Best of Breed Askersund
Best of breed Ch, LPI Argenta’s Yoline & Boel and
Best in Opposite were her brother Argenta’s Yellowstone & Maria,
here together with the judge Dodo Sandahl.

Breeders group
Our breeders group with three combinations.
From the left: Argenta’s Yellowstone and Maria, Ch Argenta’s Adiola and Monica, Argenta’s Caitline and Caroline, Ch LPI Argenta’s Yoline and Boel.

Ch Dinamunde Eldorado Glance’s Destiny competed on her last show
before going back home to Latvia again. She came second in championclass and were
third best female with reserv CACIB.

We were happy to meet Mini Miss Green again!
Argenta’s Mini Anastasya 
She was really a darling.
She was also very happy to meet her mother again and Jolla enjoyed playing
with her daughter “Siri”

Siri and Jolla
Argenta’s Mini Anastasya soon 4 month old
and Ch Dinamunde Eldorado Glance’s Destiny
Thank you Birgitta and Frida for coming with Siri
AND thank you Yvonne for all your help and great company.

August 2nd 

Swedish Schnauzer/Pinscher Club show in


Standard Schnauzers Patric Ragnarsson, 15 standards ps were entered.
Miniature Schnauzers Christine Rossier, 34 minis ps were entered.Kolian
Our new boy Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja”
Were doing his Swedish debut and he had a great start.
He won Best of Breed Puppy and later that day

Best In Show Puppy 2 

under judge Christine Rossier.

Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 8 month old.

Argenta’s Broadway were entered in open class.
He had his 2 years birthday the day before the show so he had the chance to win the championtitle.

Argenta's Broadway
He not only won the CAC and the Swedish Championtitle,

Best of Breed
Argenta’s Broadway and Caroline also won Best of Breed
here together with the judge Patric Ragnarsson and
Best in Opposite Sex Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda with Maria Borg.

Bäckis and Caroline
Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Broadway won

Best In Show 4 

under judge Christine Rossier

Catie and Caroline
Argenta’s Caitline and Caroline won Best of Breed Junior
under judge Patric Ragnarsson and later that day

Best In Show Junior 3

under judge Christine Rossier.
Ch LP I Argenta’s Yoline came third in best female class.

Ch Dinamunde Eldorado Glance’s Destiny came 3rd in championclass
and was 5th in the best femaleclass.

Mikael and his darling Jolla.

August 2nd 

Argenta’s 3rd E-litter has arrived!

Ch Argenta’s Shinade gave birth to 2 males and 1 female.
Mother and puppies are doing great.
Read more on their own pageSaga and her E3's

August 3rd 

Swedish Kennel Club Internationel Show


Judge Åke Cronander
17 standard schnauzers were enteredKolian
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro got a great judgement and
won Best of Breed Puppy. But as the weather was so bad
we never stayed for the final.

Argenta's Broadway
Ch Argenta’s Broadway won the championclass and was second best male
with the reserv CACIB.
Argenta’s Caitline was first in the junior females and her sister
Argenta’s Celeste was second.
Ch LP I Argenta’s Yoline was 4th in the best female class.

August 4th 

The stud dog of the year in USA 2007
Am Ch Geistvoll Beat the Odds a son out of Ch Argenta’s Donie Delagardie and a grand son to Ch Argenta’s Irma IrmelineGeistvoll Beat The Odds

Stud dog of the year number 2 were
Ch Scarlights Seasar a grandson to Ch Argenta’s Griffith 

Stud dog number 5 were
Ch Geistvoll Yardan V Diamant a son out of Ch Argenta’s Irma Irmeline

Brood Bitch number 2 in USA 2007 were
Ch Geistvoll Yesterday Dream a daughter out of Ch Argenta’s Irma Irmeline 

We are so very proud that our dogs are behind this wonderful dogs!
Congratulation to all of you.

Kolian and Clura
Two friends “Kolja” and “Clura” at the summerhouse.

Kolian and Clura
Taking a nap after a long day full of activities.
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro and Zylvan Amber