Ch Argenta’s Just Jaeger


Argenta’s Just Jaeger

Junior Champion of Russia
Champion of Russia
RFLS Champion
RKF Champion
Junior Vice Champion of Eurasia
Russian Club Winner
Candidate to Club Champion

Just jaegerArgenta’s Just Jaeger, 2 years, together with handler Marina Nemakhova

Just jaeger1

just jaeger2

Just Jaeger

Argenta’s Just Jaeger, 16 months, winning BOS together with his handler Olga Babaeva


just jaeger3

Argenta’s Just Jaeger winning Brace together with his friend Peris Beauty Bonita
On picture his owner Alexandra Ermakova and handler Olga Babaeva

just jaeger4


just jaeger5


just jaeger puppy1

Just Jaeger as a puppy

just jaeger puppy


Owner Alexandra Ermakova, Russia


Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third J-litter born 19th of May 2011

Sire Dame
Mollberg_400 Dede_stand450
C.I.B, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Nordic Champion C.I.B, Swedish, Estonian, Latvian Champion
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CH Caudatus Ray of Sunshine
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CH Keynote’s Trigger Trombone
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