December 2008

December 2008


Now at last some updates…..I have said it before and I do it again. Life is busy and there are so many things to do and there is really not enough time to do it.
Working nearly fulltime at the hospital, working on my bachelor degree in nursing, planning and prepairing for post graduate studies in medical science. Having (right now) five dogs at home even if I promised that we never would have more than 2.
So 20 paws to clean in this rainy muddy weather. Guess that we are hoping for freezing degrees and/or snow now.
We are also longing for our trip to India in couple of weeks.But that wasn’t the reason for writing we have plenty of updates
and great news to share.Stockholm Show last weekend.

Kolian, Caitie, Chili and Clura

December 6th

Swedisk Kennel Club International Show in Stockholm 

Göran Åkesson, Sweden
35 Standard Schnauzers were enteredFirst out in the ring were Argenta’s Driscoll and Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro.
Both were shown in the youth class. “Kolja” came first and Driscoll second.

Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Then in the intermediate class Culpepper,
but he needed to mature some more.

We had Utrillo in the championclass and he was the winner. Perfectly shown by Caroline.

Uffe and Caroline
Ch & LP I, II, III Argenta’s Utrillo and Caroline are really a “Dreamteam”.

Utrillo and Zaerskild
Ch Argenta’s Zaerskild and Anki came as third best championmale

Caroline, Utrillo and Zaerskild and Anki

Caroline and Utrillo winning
In the best male class. Utrillo were the winner with the CACIB and
Kolja came as the second best male, he got the CAC.

Caitie and Caroline
Caroline and Caitline

Dede and Anki
In the intermediate class were Centara Dazzling Dubonet second,
Caudatus Bohemia came fourth and Caitline were placed as reserv.

Cara and Boel
Yoline came second in championclass and in the best female class with reserv CACIB.

Ch Argenta’s Wakanda and Heidi were reserv in the championclass.

Int Ch Argenta’s Jezebel won Veteran Best of Breed and
was reserv in the best female class.

Ch LP I,II,III Argenta’s Utrillo and Caroline here with the judge Göran Åkesson
and Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storåda and Maria

We had a nice group consisted with 4 combinations.
From the left Boel with Utrillo, Caroline and Caitline, Gunilla and Jezebel and Anki with Yoline

As Jezebel won Veteran Best of Breed she wet in to the final ring.

Latvian Kennel Club International Dog Show in Riga 

Latvian, Estonian, Lithuania, Russian and Baltic Youth Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger
wins the CACIB and Best In Opposite Sex
Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger Best in Opposite Sex
and Best of Breed Ch Dinamunde Dinamunde Leila Le Rossa
Later that day Carl Crueger and his friend Ch Dinamunde Trifele won Best in Show Brace