February 2008

February 2008 
February 27th
Our second D-litter is born!
Ebba and her new born puppiesEbba, Argenta’s Thelma gave today birth to six puppies; four males and two females.

The last was born after Boel, the midwife and photographer, had gone home.
That’s why there are only five puppies on the photos! 

Five out of six puppies from our third D-litter

Five out of six puppies from our third D-litter

Read mor about our new litter on Kennel Argenta’s 3rd D-litter

February 17th

Another sunday and yet another area to explore for the adventurous friends Caper and Jezzie!Today they walked in Ekoparken, a national park in Stockholm.

After over one hour walk, they found a small dance pavilion.
A perfect place to get some rest!

Jezzie and Caper watching the ducks

Some ducks on the nearby pond caught their attention…

The adventure continues –
The ducks were not the only animals in the park!!!

Jezzie and Caper found a big herd of Scottish Highland cattle!

They were relieved that the big animals were kept behind an electric fence.

And yes – there were electricity in the fence!
Jezzie found that out in the most painful way!

February 10th

Caper is since new year spending her weekends together with her friend Jezzie.Together, they are exploring Stockholm’s national parks and nature reserves. Each saturday and sunday, they are going out on their excursions, always together with Gunilla and sometimes with other friends.

Jezzie and Caper among the leaves

Here a photo from yesterday’s walk in the nature reserve Judarskogen.

Today, they went out to the island Ingaro to meet their friends Tove, Quentin and Stina.

On their way out to the forest –
Tove (Ch Keynote’s Shouting Trombone), Caper (Ch von Roth’s Fanfare), Jezzie (Ch Argenta’s Jezebel) and Qenta (Argenta’s Quentin).

Caper, Jezzie and Stina (Argenta’s Anniston) are testing the water quality.

It’s hard to get good photos on five moving schnauzers!

February 11th

Tonight we got a very sad text message from our good friend Bernt. He told us that Argenta’s Franklin had passed away.

Tintin and Franklin

Ch Argenta’s Laurentia and Argenta’s Franklin,
two friends who travelled around Europe together with Bernt.

Jezzie and Franklin with their family

Franklin came to live with Jezzie, Gunilla, Alexandra, Gabriella and Niclas during November and December 2007 while Bernt recovered after an accident.

We are all mourning this charming male who really caught our hearts.