January 2008

January 2008

January 26th

Kerstin, Caroline and Boel went to the Finnish Kennel Club’s International Winter show in Turku, Finland. We had a great day and won the prices we came for.

Swe and Dan Champion Argenta’s Tolstoy “Leo” won the CAC and
thereby became Finnish Champion!
He also won the reserv CACIB and ended as second best male.

Swe Ch, World Junior Winner’06, Polish Junior Winner ’06, Nordic Winner ’07,
Swedish Winner’08 Argenta’s Yoline
 won the CAC and the CACIB that also gave her the Finnish champion title.

We were lucky to win the Best of Breed under judge Barry Day, UK

January 21th

January has so far been like it normally is in April or end of March. No snow, warm weather and sometimes we have even seen the sun, but we have not yet seen the end of winter so the snow might still come. Kerstin, Tolstoy’s owner, and Boel went out for a walk with the dogs. Here are some photos from the “Paradise” – Paradiset.

In spite of the warm weather all the dogs still carry their wintercoats.
From left Ch Argenta’s Octavia (not a sheap), Argenta’s Caitline, Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy
Ch Filmure Norah Argenta
 (she is groomed now).


During January we have received several photos from some of our dogs. Here are some of them.

Argenta’s Caterina “Cajsa” came with her owners and visited us.

She is very much looking like her mother “Saga”, Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Shinade

As you can see Argenta’s Concordia, called “Kerstin” by her family,
is living far up in the north of Sweden where they have got snow right now.

Argenta’s Celeste, “Clara”, has been to the groomer, preparing for shows.

Two wonderful Swedish schnauzers in USA.
Am Ch Argenta’s Donie Delagardie (sitting) and Argenta’s Olga O’Sofin
proudly owned by Kennel Geistvoll. Thank you Renee for this great photo.

January 13th

It might be hard to believe that we up in the North have no snow in the middle of January – but that’s unfortunately the truth!We have had rain and darkness a lot but this weekend the weather was great and the friends Jezzie and Caper decided to take a walk.

Jezzie and Caper among the leaves

They are such sweet girls; always well-behaved and a pleasure to be around.

We were walking in one of the nationalparks outside Stockholm and there were a lot of dogs to keep an eye on!

January 5th

The Swedish Kenel Club’s International Show in Gothenburg

Swedish Winner Show 2008

A new day and a new show!

Boel walked the dogs to the showground, Birgitta and Caroline came by taxi together with all the luggage.
Due to a bad ankle Monica, Adiola and Undine had to leave a walk over.
Hope your ankle will be better Monica, we missed you.Culpepper and Caitline were repeating the success from the day before.

We took a photo of cute Culpepper (6 month) outside the showground.

Our baby Caitline 6 month old.

Yackson won the open class reserv CACIB the second day too.

Swe Ch, Nordic Winner’07, LP I, LP II, LP III Argenta’s Utrillo
won the championclass (we missed to take a photo of “Uffe”)


“Cara”, Ch Argenta’s Yoline won not only the Cacib
but also yet another prestigous title: Swedish Winner 2008!

Her titles are really impressing:
Swedish Champion, World Junior Winner 2006, 
Nordic Winner 2007, Swedish Winner 2008, LP I (obedience) 

Maria and Boel with BOB and BOS
The judge Ann-Marie Maeland together with Best of Breed and Best in Opposite Sex Maria with Velvet Dandy’s True Religion and Boel with Ch Argenta’s Yoline
After a long day we took the train back to Stockholm, happy that we didn’t had to drive that long way in snow and ice. We are very fortune to have all the trains close to home and with speed train it only took us 3 hours to travel.

A very tired puppy and her owner, Catie and Caroline

Jezebel and Yoline.
On the way home, there were eight more dogs in the same compartment.

On our way down there were 12 dogs and one cat in the compartment all behaving perfect. (There are 16 seats in the compartment)

January 4th

The Swedish Kenel Club’s International Show in Gothenburg 

Birgitta, Boel and Caroline went by train to Gothenburg and the first show this year.
They had three beautiful girls with them;Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Jezebel
Swe Ch and Multi Winner LP I Argenta’s Yoline
 and Argenta’s Caitline on her first big show. We met Sara and Argenta’s Yackson, Monica, Argenta’s Undine and Argenta’s Adiola,
Annika and Argenta’s Culpepper at the show.

First out in the ring

Argenta’s Culpepper “Pepper” and his owner Annika.

Next were Argenta’s Caitline “Catie” and Caroline.

Both puppies were behaving great and Pepper became Puppy Best of Breed.
Caitline became Puppy Best of Opposite Sex.

Winner in the open class with reserv CACIB were Argenta’s Yackson
A real strong and handsome male

Argenta’s Adiola with Monica, second in junior class

Swe Ch Argenta’s Undine and Monica came third in championclass.
It is hard to see that “Tara” had a litter just a while ago.

Caroline and Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Jezebel in veteran class

Veteran Best of Breed and Best in Opposite Sex
Maria with Int Ch Benamore de Verorich, Caroline and Jezebel
together with the judge Stefan Sinko

We are so proud of this strong and powerful male, a real schnauzer male:
Argenta’s Yackson 

He has won CAC, his first leg in obedinece with great points and has also passed the mentalitytest with 1 on the shooting.

We had a great evening together with Yackson’s family; Sara, Tamsin, Stella, and the two dogs Nano and Iris. Thank you so much for your hospitality and wonderful dinner.

January 1st

We started the year with the 6 month birthday of our third C-litter.
We got some wondeful photos from Oksana, Angela and “Argo” .
Argenta’s Carl Crüeger 6 months.