January 2010

January 2010 

January 6-9th 
My Dog 2010
Swedish Kennel CluB International Show x 4 

Best in Show 

Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway

Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro the representative for the big FCI Group # 2, (58 breeds)
The entry at this four shows were about 10 000 dogs


Annika taking photos of Caroline taking photos

Kolja came together with the five dogs that weren’t placed on a 6th place 🙂

January 6-9th 
My Dog 2010
Swedish Kennel CluB International Show x 4 

We have been to Gothenburg and the Swedish Kennel Club International show
My Dog 2010Thursday
Standard Schnauzer: Siv Jernhake, Sweden – 28 entries
Miniature Schnauzer: Nils Molin, Sweden – 46 entries
Veteran Best in Show: Marion Spavin, United KingdomFriday
Standard Schnauzer: Rui Oliveira, Portugal – 29 entries
Miniature Schnauzer: Kari Hansen Granaas, Norway- 40 entries
Veteran Best in Show: Ferelith Somerfield, United Kingdom
Best in Group: Rony Doedijns, The Netherlands

Swe Ch, Swe & Estonian Winner 2009
Borodatj Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Best In Group 1 

on Friday

Thursday was the first show.
The Schnauzers and the minis were judged in two different parts of the showground.
so Caroline had to run back and forth.

Kolja showed for the first time from the champion class

he won the class

and he was also the best male with CACIB
his daughter Argenta’s Felicity was shown in the juniorclass and came second

Caudatus Bohemia here in open females
she won the class

Ch Argenta’s Wakanda
came second in champion females

“Caper” Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare
won the veteran females

Best female class: Caper came second, Wakanda came fourth and Bohemia came reserv.

Kolja won Best in Opposite Sex, BOB Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda
judge Siv Jernhake

“Clura” Zylvan Amber came fourth in her class

Caper competing in the Veteran final ring

Friday were the second show
Koljas was once again first out

before entering the ring

Boel and Kolja in the champion males

winning the champion males

and also winning the best male class with CACIB

Argenta’s Felicity and Ida came second in the junior class

Caudatus Bohemia in open class

Caudatus Bohemia 

she was winning open females and came reserv in the best female class
Ch Argenta’s Wakanda came second in champion females

Caper won veteran females

Caper was placed as third best female

best female class

 running in best female class

Best of Breed Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja”
Best in Opposite Sex Estellet’s Blommans Freja-Fashion owner Renee Östrand
Judge Rui Oliveira

Caroline and “Clura” Zylvan Amber 

they came fourth in the class

Caper and Caroline entering the Veteran final ring

they were picked but not placed

Kolja entering the final ring in group 2

some of the breeds (58) in the FCI Group number 2

the dogs that were picked in the first cut

after the first cut

three left, Affenpinscher, the Pyrenée dog and Kolja

Affenpinscher third

Kolja and the Pyrenée dog

Kolja winning the big FCI group number 2judge Rony Doedijns

Thanks again Annika for some of this great photos!