July 2010

July 2010

31th of July
Swedish Kennel Club Show

A nice weekend together with the children.
Christoffer were practise driving and it was great not needing to drive the whole way by my self.
We stayed in Torsby as we always do when visiting Värmland.

Saturday morning we went for the dog show in Ransäter.
Judge: Ulf Bråthen, Denmark

We had Kolja and Ulyssa entered and also Susanne’s Affenpinscher Madicken. Caitline and Clura followed as a fan club. Cornelia and Caroline showing and Christoffer helping with all the stuff, keeping an eye of the dogs, getting food and all other things that are so important on a show.
We really had a great day in the sun together with good friends. This was that kind of show with no hard competition, lots of talk out side the ring a lots of laughs.

Kolja won the best male class and was Best in Opposite Sex.
Yellowstone came with his owner Maria and Yackson with Sara. We took Ulyssa with us from Märtha and we got Bohemia at the show from friends of Susanne.

Caroline were first out with Madicken
Ch Velvet Dandy’s Laa-Laa
she came second in the best female class

Photo Maria Borg

Argenta’s Yackson and Argenta’s Yellowstone
Both males got certificate qualities and were fourth and reserv in the best male class.

Argenta’s Yackson 

LP I Argenta’s Yellowstone 

Caudatus Bohemia came second in open females

Argenta’s Ulyssa came fourth

BOB Ch Estellet’s ? and Best in Opposite Kolja

I’m so happy and proud having two such a great handlers
in the family Caroline and Cornelia.

Caroline helped with handling of a nice black SS Schnaublacks Diana and won
CAC, CACIB, BOS and the Swedish Champion title. She also showed a cute affen male VD’s Tinky Winky and won the CAC and Reserv CACIB. Later on Caroline helped with the Best in Show winning Affenpinscher breeders group from kennel Velvet Dandy’s and both Caroline and Cornelia helped with handling in the Best in Show winning Progeny Group – Ch Estellet’s Blomman Biancha
Congratulation 🙂

July 22nd 

“Leo” came for a grooming visit and we were so happy when we saw him.
He is a handsome male and we realize that we have to start show him again.
Swe, Fin & Dan Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy 

Leo is out of
Ch Argenta’s Yeoman Yankee x Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare


July 17th
Swedish Kennel Club Show

Judge Schnauzer: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden
Judge Group 2: Paul Stanton, Sweden

We went from the summer house to Alfta, we only had Kolja with us.
It was a big and happy surprise to meet Argenta’s Felicity with Ida and Helena.
We also met Koljas younger daughter Adiolas Dahlia.

Ida and “Flisa”

Best in Opposite Sex Argenta’s Felicity, Judge Cindy Pettersson, Kolja Best of Breed

Father and daughter

Father and two daughters Felicity and Adiolas Dahlia 4 month old

Argenta’s Felicity

Argenta’s Felicity

Kolja were picked in the big Group 2

Showing his movements for judge Paul Stanton

Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 

Best in Group 3 

July 4th
Svedish Kennel Club Show

Judge Schnauzer: Wilfried Lohmann, GermanyWe can only say never again.
We have never been treaded so bad in a show ring as we were at this show. We were not the only ones. One handler were told to “shut up” another one to leave the ring when talking to her dog.
In Sweden we are supposed to show our dog from it’s best, we couldn’t here.

Caper and Kolja had two big faults, they were cropped and docked.
We saw the same in the black SS ring.
Kolja were 3rd best male and Caper 3rd best female.

July 3rd 
Swedish Schnauzer-Pinscher Club Show

Schnauzer: Benny Blid, Sweden, entry 26
Veteran Best in Show: Wilfried Lohmann, Germany
Best in Show: Benny Blid

Kolja in the best male class

Best in Opposite Sex Ch Estellet’s Blomman Flower-Fanny Judge Benny Blid,
Best of Breed Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare 

Veteran Best in Show 2 

Kolja Best in Show 

judge Benny Blid