July 2014

News from Latvia

We got some great news from our friends at kennel Dinamunde in Latvia

Argenta`s Kapten Kaempe and his mother Dinamunde Trifele won Best In Show Brace 1!
Argenta`s Kapten Kaempe also won Best male and Best In Opposite sex

Thank you for great handling Evija!

SKC International show in Ransäter

Standard Schnauzer judge: Torbjörn Skaar
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Charlotte Orre

 At SKC international show in Ransäter Argenta’s Mini Eileen won CAC, res CACIB and second best female.
Then over to the Standard Schnauzer ring. Ch LP, rally obedience Argenta’s Yellowstone won Veteran BOB and BOB.
LP, Rally obedience Argenta’s Giovanni won CAC, CACIB and second best male (first time out).
Argenta’s Karamelli became BOS with CAC and CACIB and thereby won CAC on second show in a row. 

10494387_10152496289179724_7677316784861805133_oArgenta’s Karamelli
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)

1044617_10152495431769724_7735517955953819191_nArgenta’s Mini Eileen
(Kaspelix Kompis Tage x Zylvan Amber)

10553660_10152495433254724_6475695748123341769_oArgenta’s Giovanni to the left and Ch Argenta’s Yellowstone to the right

10388184_10152495433459724_6377164097437507630_nLP, RLD N Argenta’s Giovanni together with owner and handler Maria Axelsson
(Capitanio Mio Capitano d’Utrillo x Argenta’s Zaffron)

1900069_10152495431944724_4203212795253245428_nArgenta’s Karamelli together with handler and owner Boel Niklasson

10547271_10152496286804724_7327894449029894940_oArgenta’s Karamelli, 2 years old


SKK show in Alfta

 Standard Schnauzer judge: Jelena Kruus, Latvia
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Lars Widén, Sweden

At todays SKC show in Alfta we showed four Standard Schnauzer females and two Mini females. As always there were a collision between the breeds so thanks to wonderful puppy owners and great ring people we managed. Argenta’s Mini Eileen went the whole way from youngster class to BOB breed with CAC in tought competition. Argenta’s Mini Dahlia were fourth best female with excellent and CC quality 
Back over in the Standard Schnauzer ring Argenta’s Loretta became BOB, second best female were Argenta’s Karamelli with CAC, third best female were Ch Argenta’s Imagine and Argenta’s Indiana became 2nd in open class with excellent.
Our breedersgroup got excellent.
Thank you Miniature Schnauzer judge Lars Widén and Schnauzer judge Jelena Kruus.

We had a great warm and sunny day with wonderful friends!

10527643_10152468877184724_1842601221123223098_nArgenta’s Mini Eileen won Best of Breed with CAC on second time out in official class
BOS Ch Catechism Going Nuts

10397010_10152471094264724_311268821852608472_oBest of breed competition

1602073_10152468877259724_6432329344575656306_oCh Argenta’s Loretta won Best of Breed together with owner and handler Elin Björklund 

10379761_10152468877309724_7586631963297600735_oArgenta’s Karamelli became second best female with CAC

10521199_10152468877394724_5619145280196996022_nArgenta’s Mini Eileen 18 months
(Kaspelix Kompis Tage x Zylvan Amber)

10343491_10152468877434724_841428133301262567_nArgenta’s Mini Eileen

10366304_10152468877489724_8059693404351274868_nThree best friends: Argenta’s Mini Eileen, Argenta’s Karamelli and Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

News from Latvia

Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe, “Argo”, won Best in Opposite Sex,
Latvian Club Winner 2014 and Best BOS-2 on the show!
Argo and his mother Dinamunde Trifele also won Best in Show Brace 3!

10499419_517128621750647_3361840712299151070_oArgenta’s Kapten Kaempe with his proud owner Oleg

SKC International show in Tvååker

Argenta’s Noblessa won the junior class and ended up as third best bitch with CAC!
Well done Annika and Nellie!