June 2009

June 2009

June 28th
Swedish Kennel Club Show in Borås 

Standard Schnauzer: Jul Hamlot, 43 entered
BIS Veteran: Bo SkalinCulpepper
Reserv Worldjunior Winner’09 Argenta’s Culpepper
came second in the intermediate class

Argenta’s Culpepper

Winner’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja”
won the open class, the best male class and got the CAC

Lp I Argenta’s Brittany together with Caroline and the judge

she came third in the open class with an certificate quality

Ch Argenta’s Adiola came third in championclass with an certificate quality

Caper and CAroline
Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare and Caroline in the veteran class

Caper and Caroline won the class and also the best female class.

Kolja and Boel Best in Opposite, judge Jul Hamlot, Caper and Caroline Best of Breed

Veteran Best in Show
Caper won in the end of the day in a temperature over 30 degrees!

Veteran Best In Show!

judge Bo Skalin

June 27th
Swedish Schnauzer/Pinscher Specialty 
in Borås 

Standard Schnauzer: Jan Stääv, 48 entered
BIS Veteran: Jan Stääv
Best In Show: Soile Bister

Argenta’s Donovan made his debut in the showring.
Both he and his owner Mats did a good jobb in the intermediate class.

Reserv Worldjuniorwinner ’08 Argenta’s Culpepper came second
in the intermediate class
got an certificate quality and was reserv in the best male class.

Annika and “Pepper” in action.

The winner in the class and fourth in the best male class were
Ch Argenta’s Undine’s son Adiolas Alenzo.

Our Kolja competed in the big open class
open class

Swedish and Estonian Winner’09
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

won the class


Caroline and “Uffe” competed in the champion class
Caroline and Uffe
Swe Ch, LP I, LP II, LP III, Swe Obedience Champion, Nordic Winner’07
Argenta’s Utrillo 

they won the champion class.

So inte the best male class the winner were Utrillo, second Kolja, fourth Alenzo and reserv Culpepper.

winner in junior females were
Argenta’s Eleonor here with co owner Carina Rapp and the judge.
Eleonor won Junior BOS.
The winner were Ch Argenta’s Qayenne’s gran son Caudatus Ray of Sunshine.

LP I, Argenta’s Brittany were entered in the open females,
she came third with certificate quality and was fourth in the best female class.

LP I Argenta’s Brittany

LP I Argenta’s Brittany 
she is good looking our Bella.

In champion class

were Ch Argenta’s Adiola entered, she came reserv.
Earlier in the morning her baby son Adiolas Billy Boy was Puppy BOS 4-6 month.
Billy Boy is also out of Ch Argenta’s Utrillo.

Veteran females
winner were
Caper and Caroline
Caroline and Int, Swe, Am, Est Ch, World Winner’02, European Winner’ 05
Von Roth’s Fanfare

third veteran female with certificate quality
Leonora and Maria
Swe and Fin Ch Argenta’s Leonora and her owner Maria

Caoline Caper
Caroline and Caper winning the best female class

Uffe and Caper
Best of Breed judging
Caroline and Uffe, Boel and Caper

Best of Breed Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare, Best in Opposite Ch Argenta’s Utrillo,
here with judge Jan Stääv.

Our breeders group
waiting for the judge to look at them

Maria and Leonora, Annika and Culpepper, Monica and Adiola, Caroline and Utrillo
Four combinations, from 2-9 years of age.

It was a very warm day, around 30 degrees!
Caroline trying to keep Kolja cold.

So in the end we had the finals
Caper competed in the veteran final

and she won!

Caper and Caroline

Veteran Best in Show

She also won

Best In Show Reserv

June 27th
Estonian Kennel Club Show in Pärnu 

Carl Crueger and Trifele
Ch Argenta’s Carl Crueger won the Estonian CACIB.
He also won Best in Show Brace with his best friend Dinamunde Trifele, shown by Evija, Trifele’s owner.


Argenta's Zervantes
Argenta’s Zervantes
owner Simon Adler and Petra Kullberg

June 14th
Latvian Kennel Club Show in Riga

Eva Liljekvist-Borg, Sweden, 14 SSNew Latvian Champion!!

Swe Ch Argenta’s Zaerskild

“Zebbe” also famouse from TV!
He was part of the very well know children program “Vi i 5:an” last weekend.
Behaving good as usual.

June 13th
Swdish Kennel Club National Show in Avesta

Judge: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten, Sweden
14 SS entered

We went to Avesta with Catie and Kolja were we also met
Argenta’s Yellowstone and his owner Maria.
It was raining the whole day a typical Swedish summerweather.
But we didn’t stayed for a long time as we had to go to a big party in the late afternoon.
We came, we showed and we went home again 🙂

Ozzy and Maria
Argenta’s Yellowstone and Maria

They came second in the open class males

“Kolja” winning the best male class

Catie waiting for her turn.

Catie and Caroline competing for the CAC

Argenta’s Caitline and Caroline won the CAC, they also came second in the best female class.
Last summer when Clura the mini came she destroyed Catie’s beard while playing.
We had to keep Catie at home until she got her beard back, and it is now.

Swe Winner ’09, Estonian Winner ’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro Best in Opposite Sex
Ch Velvet Dandys Sigrid Storråda BOB owner Johanna Pettersson

So directly after the show we went back to Stockholm,
we had 30 minutes to get ready for the big party when we came home.
We were served something we never ate before and it was delicious – wild boar, grilled over open fire.

But the Avesta show wasn’t the only show today, were we had dogs entered.
At the same time there were……..

June 13th
Latvian Kennel Club Show in Riga 

Judge: Andrzej Mania, Poland, 11 SS enteredNew Latvian Champion!! 
Swe Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet

June 6th
Estonia Kennel Club International Show in Tallinn,
Estonian Winner 2009 

Judge: Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden
25 Standard Schnauzers entered

Mikael and I took the boat from Stockholm over to Tallinn.
We had Kolja and Dede with us.
I had forgotten my camera at home so on the bad photos it is my cellphone I used. It can’t be zoomed and still keep the quality.

This photo is from my phone.

Kolja were first out in the ring

Kolja examed by the judge

Kolja won the open class males,
became best male with CAC, CACIB and the Estonian Winner title 2009 
Then Angela came and saved our day by using her camera 🙂

Mikael and Dede in the background keeping up the notes.

Then I had to run out to get Dede.

Dede and the judge

Dede was second best female in a big class and she got the reserv CACIB.

Best of Breed Swe & Estonian Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
Best in Opposite Ch Dronas Tsaritsa Sheba owner Olga Mishneva

Angela took some photos outside the ring too.

Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Swe Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet

photo Angela Vertinska, thank you so much!
and so after the show and after talking to our friends we went back to Stockholm again.

When we came home we took the chance to take some more photos.


Dede and Kolja

Swe & Est Winner’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
Swe Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet
East and West