July 2008

July 2008 

July 29th 

Ch Argenta’s Thelma “Ebba” and her owner Daniella competes in agility.Ebba and Daniella
They came 11th among 33 entries in the agility competition.

July 26th

Värmlands Kennelklubb, Ransäter

9 Schnauzer pepper and salt were judge by Ann-Christine Johansson

Argenta’s Yellowstone came second in open males.
Argenta’s Ulyssa got a 1th prize in open females

Argenta’s Adiola won the CAC, CACIB and thanks to that she also won the
Swedish Championtitle congratulations Monica and Ingvar.

Leonora in the group
Best of Breed went to Ch Argenta’s Leonora,
she also became Best of Breed Veteran. Congratulation Maria!

Photo Annelie Finnbäck

Argenta's Adiola

Swedish Ch Argenta’s Adiola

July 18th

Boel and Mikael went over to Helsinki, Finland and to kennel Zylvan.
The reason for this trip was to bring Zylvan Amber “Clura” back to Sweden.
Thank you Maija for that you let us take “your” darling “Pretty face”Clura and Boel


“Clura” on Mikaels arm

Clura found her place in the family at once. Here together with Anatoly and Chili.

Clura and Tolle
Two very good friends
Argenta’s Mini Anatoly, 12 weeks and Zylvan Amber, 8 weeks.

July 15th

We got some photos from Ann and Argenta’s DriscollVicke and Buster

Argenta’s Driscoll “Vicke” and his best friend “Buster”

Vicke and Buster

Vicke and Buster

July 14th

One of our cute mini puppiesTolle

Argenta’s Mini Anatoly “Tolle”

July 13th

Swedish Kennel Club’s national dog show in Alfta

8 standard schnauzers were entered under judge Åke Cronander
13 Miniature schnauzers ps under judge Jens Myrman

Cornelia showed cute “Bella” for Puck Simenstad, kennel Miniflash
They came fourth in the open class.

Jollan and Caroline
Caroline and Ch Dinamunde Eldorado Glance’s Destiny
won the CAC and that gave “Jolla” her Swedish championtitle.
Here together with judge Jens Myrman.


Ida and Argenta’s Celeste, Caroline and “Jolla”- four winning girls.

LP 1 Argenta’s Zaerskild was second among the males.Best female with the certificate and Best of Breed were Argenta’s Celeste. Well done Ida and Clara!

Caroline and Argenta’s Caitline came second in the best female class and Ch Argenta’s Yoline were third in the best female class.

We also competed with our breeders group. Due to Boel’s knee surgery we were one man short in the group. So Mikael had to show Zaerskild, that was the first time in the world history that Mikael went into the ring.

I don’t know if that was the reason….

but we were placed in the group as

 Best In Show 4 

Breeders Group

A group consisted of three combinations;
From the left: Mikael and Zaerskild, Cornelia and Yoline,
Ida and Celeste and Caroline and Caitline.

July 1th

Our American friends are arriving… 

Thanks to the World Dog Show in Stockholm, some of our very good American friends came to visit us. We had a wonderful time together and will remember these days in July for the rest of our lives!Our American friends arrived to the airport Arlanda with five different flights within four hours!

First out were Linda and Bob, Kennel Centara and their charming male “Deacon”, Centara Double Dare.

Next to arrive were Georgia and Jean, kennel Asgard
together with sweet “Anna”, Ch Asgard Orianna Zezanna.

From Florida came Gail and Kayce, kennel Adaval.

Gail, kennel Katahdin came 20 minutes later.

Last to arrive were Joy and Val, Kennel Von Roth
and they brought handsome “Jack”, Ch Von Roth’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Arrivals at Arlanda
At Arlanda airport

We went home and had a nice evening together at Gunilla’s home.

July 2th


Swedish Schnauzer Pinscher Show
Almare Stäket

83 Standard Schnauzer were entered under
judge Knut Kristian Andersen, Norway.

Gathering by the ringside

Centara Double Dare

Centara Double Dare and Linda in intermediate class, they got Excellent 2.

Ch Argenta's Utrillo

Ch Argenta’s Utrillo and Gunilla in the champion class. They got the prize Excellent.

Celest and Ida

Junior class females (7 entries)
Ida and Argenta’s Celeste got Very Good and were placed 4th.

Concordia and Linda
Linda and Argenta’s Concordia got Very Good.

"Molly" and Susanne
Susanne and Caudatus Bohemia got Excellent 3.

Dede and Anki
Anki and Centara Dazzling Dubonnet got Excellent and were placed 3rd
in the intermediate class were there were 6 females entered.

Anna and Georgia
Georgia and Ch Asgard Orianna Zezanna got Excellent
in open class, 16 females were entered.

Yoline and Caroline
Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Yoline got excellent in champion class,
11 females were entered

Chelsey and Caroline
Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Chelsey got Excellent in the veteran class.

Jezebel and Gunilla
Gunilla and Ch Argenta’s Jezebel also got Excellent in veteran class.
The class consisted of seven “old girls”.

Brace Deacon and Dede with Gunilla
Gunilla with Centara Double Deacon and Centara Dazzling Dubonnet
came third in Brace (parklass).

Breeders group
Kennel Argenta’s breeders group – 4 combinations.
From the left Gunilla and Utrillo, Gabriella and Jezebel,
Ida with Celeste and Caroline with Yoline.

We had dinner at Boel’s and Mikael’s house in the evening.

July 3rd 


WDSWorld Dog Show, Stockholm

133 Standard Schnauzers
males under judge Petter Fodstad, Norway
females under judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland

Argenta’s Culpepper and his owner Annika came
second in juniorclass with excellent. (9 entries)
“Pepper” became Reserv World Junior Winner 2008.

Centara Double Deacon also got Excellent in the same class and was placed 3rd.

LP 1 Argenta’s Zaerskild got Excellent in open class (21)

Ch Argenta’s Utrillo and Ch Von Roth’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash
both got the prize Very Good in Champion class. (25)

Caitline and Caroline
Junior class females (10)
Argenta’s Caitline came second in female junior class with Excellent
and became Reserv World Junior Winner 2008.


Argenta’s Concordia and Linda
got Very Good and was placed as the fourth best junior female.


Centara Dazzling Dubonnet “Dede” and Anki were competing in the junior class.


Usa Ch Asgard Orianna Zezanna, a daughter out of Ch Argenta’s Zoe Zezanna,
won the CAC. That also gave her the Swedish championtitle. Here together with one of her owner’s Georgia Sabean and the judge, Hasse Lehtinen. She competed in open females (18).

Ch Argenta’s Yoline and Caroline got Excellent in champion class and were placed 4th in the champion class (21 entries)

The female veteran class was big, 10 entries, which is very unusal for a class for dogs over eight years of age.
Ch Argenta’s Jezebel got Excellent and Ch Argenta’s Leonora got Very Good.

Kennel Argenta’s breeder’s group with four combinations were placed in the top.

July 4th

WDSWorld Schnauzer Rond
Almare Stäket

103 Standard Schnauzers entered under judge Nils Molin


Argenta’s Culpepper and his owner Annika got Very Good in the junior class (5 entries).

Centara Double Deacon got Excellent 3 in intermediate class (6).


Lp I Argenta’s Zaerskild got Excellent in the open class. (21)


Joy and Ch Von Roth’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash got Excellent in open class (21)


Birgitta made us all a great lunch during the lunch break.

(Mikael took some of our guests on a sight seeing tour in Stockholm city during the day. All are not interested in looking at dogs for three days in a row! The Old town was much more interesting.)


Argenta’s Caitline got Very Good and
Caudatus Bohemia got Excellent 3 in junior class (7).


Centara Dazzling Dubonnet got Excellent and won the intermediate class.

Outside the ring from left: Gail, Ulla, Boel, Georgia, Joy, Caroline and Jean.

Ch Asgard Orianna Zezanna got Excellent in open class (20).


Ch Argenta’s Wakanda got Excellent in the champion class (17).


Ch, LP I Argenta’s Yoline got Excellent and were placed third in the champion class, the best uncropped and undocked female. (17)


Ch Argenta’s Jezebel got Excellent and were placed third in the veteran class (8).

Ch Argenta’s Chelsey and Gabriella also got Excellent in veteran class (8).

Competition best breeders group…

where we were the third best group among 11 kennels.

From the left Gunilla and Zaerskild, Cornelia and Wakanda,
Gabriella and Jezebel, Caroline and Yoline.
A breeders group with four combinations (the dogs)
and two sisters, one cousin and one mum/aunt :-).

After a long, warm but great day, we went home to Boel and Mikael

to celebrate 4th of July

During the evening our good friends from Denmark Pia Nissen, kennel Ugly Duckling and Katerina Cechova, kennel Knizete Sternenhocha came to visit. They came to look at our “miracles” our mini litter. Thank you Pia and Katerina for all your help with our first litter of Miniature Schnauzers.

We got two bottles of great Russian Champagne from our friends
Tatiana and Lena. As we celebrated our nice wins during the three days we also had in mind Tatiana’s and Lena’s Dronas Happy Case and Dronas Inspector Rex that had a great day winning.
Thanks and Congratulations!

Even if the shows were over we still had plenty of things to do…

5th of July

Garden party in Åkersberga

Johnny and Birgitta held the garden party at their summer house.
We were about 35 persons and a countless number of dogs.
Sylvester, Ulrika, Tommy, Caroline, Boel, Bernt, Heidi, Uffe and Lena

Annelie, Heidi, Bernt, Linda, Johnny, Boel, Cornelia, Sylvester, Ulrika, Caroline and Tommy.

Mikael, Linda, Val, Gayle, Gail, Ulrika, Axel, Annelie, Cornelia, Christoffer, Alexandra, Beatrice and Tommy.

Bob and Axel had an interesting chat.

6th of July

Cruise with Viking Line thru Stockholm’s archipelago to 

Mariehamn, Åland, Finland. 

Boel and Mikael enjoied the sun

the same did Johnny and Birgitta

and Gail, Gayle and Kayce.

Gayle and Kayce had some problems to adjust to the Swedish summer – the temperature were around 15 degrees celsius! It is seldom that cold in Florida – even during winter time!
Gail is a dedicated bird watcher and enjoied the sea birds.

In the harbour of Mariehamn, Åland.

In the evening on the way back to Stockholm.

9th of July

We went on a daytrip to Boel’s and Mikael’s summerhouse.We had so much fun playing the old Swedish game “Kubb”.
A new experience for our American friends.

First team out were Georgia/Val against…

the team from Florida, Gayle and Kayce.

Argenta’s Caitline also enjoyed playing Kubb.
It wasn’t that fun to have Catie on the team as she disappered with the wooden sticks. Jolla on the other hand retrieved them back again.

Joy and Argenta’s Mini Absolut Agnes were watching the game from the trampoline.

Jean and Gayle watching Val and Georgia winning over Mikael and Kayce.

You could hardly see that Gayle never had played Kubb before. She looked like a pro.