June 2016

SKK National show in Vännäs

At the SKC show in Vännäs Argenta’s Pfeiffer won CAC and Best of Breed. “Rally” is out of
Ch Argenta’s Kingsley and Ch Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske. Best in opposite Sex with CAC was his half sister Argenta’s Orianna out of Ch Argenta’s Kingsley and Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet. Well done Thomas and Ingela, we are so happy and proud!

BOB_Pfeiffer_BOS_OriannaBest of Breed: Argenta’s Pfeiffer
Best in Opposite Sex: Argenta’s Orianna

PfeifferArgenta’s Pfeiffer, 11 months, own and shown by Thomas Nargell
(Argenta’s Kingsley x Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske)



SKK International show in Leksand

Schnauzer judge: Göran Åkesson, Sweden
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Susanne Swedjebrink, Sweden
Junior handling judge: Nuno Rafael, Portugal 

We were at SKC IDS in Leksand, first time at a great new and well organized showground. Schnauzerjudge were Göran Åkesson a highly skilled and knowledgeable judge that found quite right about the dogs’ advantages and disadvantages. The same was with the Miniature Schnauzer judge Susanne Swedjebrink. It is so valuable with judges that have a genuine interest in the SSPC breeds.

Ch Argenta’s Kingsley: Best of Breed,
Ch Borodatij Djavol Kaliostro: BOB Veteran, 2nd bm, shortlisted in the big Veteran group.
Argenta’s Phoenix: Third best male with CAC
LPII, RLD N, RLD A, RLD F, RLD M Argenta’s Giovanni: Best open class male
Argenta’s Precious: Best junior class female
Ch Argenta’s Karamelli: Best champion female
Argenta’s breeders group in Schnauzers: Best Breeders group
Miniature Schnauzers
Argenta’s Mini Floyd: Second in the open males with excellent and CC quality.

Floyd were also helping as a juniorhandler dog whith Mathilda Sundbom. She competed officially for the second time ever winning in Juniorhandling 10-13 years group then later on competing against the winner from the age group 14-17 about qualifying in the Swedish mastership team in Juniorhandling.
13433249_10154016089839724_5650750928032125841_oArgenta’s Phoenix in the juniorclass
(Argenta’s Nelson x Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske)

13445643_10154016089859724_3245635142214248142_nLP I, LPII, RLD N, RLD A, RLD F, RLD M Argenta’s Giovanni
in open class with owner Maria Axelsson
(Capitano Mio Capitano d’Utrillo x Argenta’s Zaffron)

13450116_10154016089844724_5967746384121853237_nC.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kingsley in champion class
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)

13435500_10154016091024724_7354710321856915923_nC.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro in veteran class
(Dinamunde Lord Brendon x Rus Noel Randez-Vous)

13443239_10154016097759724_193161997997826335_oBoel and Phoenix “Loke”

13466487_10154016098919724_4934803564884651813_nMaria and Kingsley “Nelson” 

13423774_10154016098809724_3789826438490254628_nIda and “Kolja”

13434805_10154016091069724_2375336211238304233_nPheonix and his father Kingsley competing in best male class

13445734_10154016099054724_4926301137832573591_n Argenta’s breedgroup: A. Kingsley with Maria, A. Karamelli with Boel, A. Precious with Ida and A. Pheonix with Danielle

13423736_10154016098374724_1657393367824245993_nBest of Breed: Ch Argenta’s Kingsley
Best in Opposite Sex: Ch Bonzen Cecilia
Together with judge Göran Åkesson

13434731_10154016098049724_4200886202199405160_nCaroline preparing Mini Floyd for the ring

13497556_10154016099019724_5961884541630267530_oTheres and Senja

13435303_10154016104059724_3374057170589539357_nPart of the best male class Minature Schnauzers

13445324_10154016105809724_4405710926224038158_nArgenta’s Mini Floyd
(Imbir Iz Salskoy Stepi x Argenta’s Mini Caprice)

13466370_10154016105819724_7183325360729315993_nArgenta’s Mini Floyd 
(Imbir Iz Salskoy Stepi x Argenta’s Mini Caprice)

13445774_10154016105794724_7993574602724671066_nArgenta’s Mini Floyd 
(Imbir Iz Salskoy Stepi x Argenta’s Mini Caprice)

13419271_10154016107269724_5541835673988256037_nMathilda Sundbom and “Ralf” winning in the younger juniorhandler group.
Together with the Portuguese judge Nuno Rafael

13495072_10154016107289724_124378854040203163_nMathilda and Ralf competing against the winner from the older class Tilde Uddin.

Qingston_5månArgenta’s Qingston “Texas”, 5 months, also visited the show so we took the opportunity to take some pictures of him. He is out of Ch Simon Vom Achterplätzen and Ch Argenta’s Karamelli.

Qingston5månArgenta’s Qingston, 5 months
(Ch Simon Vom Achterplätzen x Ch Argenta’s Karamelli)
Owner: Maria Axelsson

Qingston_5mån_Argenta’s Qingston, 5 months
(Ch Simon Vom Achterplätzen x Ch Argenta’s Karamelli)
Owner: Maria Axelsson

News from Poland

We got news from Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat who where shown on the International show in Kraków where she won CAC and r.CACIB.
Well done “Grania” and Dorota!
Gemma GranatCh Argenta’s Gemma Granat
(Barbaris iz Salskoy Stepi x Argenta’s Mini Dahlia)
Owner: Dorota Szmurło

News from the working field

We got some great news from Anneli that she and Ch Argenta’s Brittany managed to compete and win (in really hot weather) obedience class 3 with 277 points. 
So happy and proud of all our puppyowners working so hard with their dogs in all kind of dog activities. Trying their best and most of the time on the top.

13442404_10154016753799724_360772024785527933_nSeUch, FinUch, LP I, LP II, RLD N, RLD F, RLD A, RLD M Argenta’s Brittany
She is truly an allround Schnauzer and that is much thanks to her skilled owner Anneli Wittenberg

News from Denmark

We got news from the International show in Veijen where Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske won CAC and thereby became Danish champion! Thank you Sophie Ekström for showing her!
Argenta’s Qameron were also shown by his owner and became BOB baby, well done Louise!

Xocci_veijenSeUch, NoUch, FinUch, DanUch, Nordic Ch, SeW’15, NoW’14, NordicW’14’15
Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske
(Lisa Saltus ze Zahrabske x Spencer Tracy Vaz von Portenschlag)

Qameron_bob_babyArgenta’s Qameron, 4,5 months
(Simon Vom Achterplätzchen x Argenta’s Karamelli)
Owner: Louise Plaun


News from USA

We got some great news from Garnavieve Beeson in USA!

Grand Champion, American Ch Argenta’s Lelace Lorelei is still winning. 
She recently took 3 of 4 breed wins at a show in Utah, USA, and one of the judges liked her enough to put her up for a Best in Group 3. As we heard that wasn’t a small show and in the Working Group there were many of the number one ranked dogs. So happy with great news. Owned, loved and owner handled by Garnavieve Beeson

Lelace LorelaiGrand Ch, American Ch Argenta’s Leleace Lorelai
(Ch Argenta’s Flanagan X Ch Argenta’s Brittany)

News from Russia

We got some news from Russia that Argenta’s Nordic Noblemans daughter Nettl Greit Yanina Born to Win, winning CW, JCAC, Best junior, BOB, JCh RUS, BIG-2, BIS junior-2!
Congratulations to our friends at kennel Nettl Greit!

Nettl Greit Yanina Born to WinNettl Greit Yanina Born to Win
(Argenta’s Nordic Nobleman & Nikoletta Northern Beauty)

Nettl Greit Yanina Born to Win_1

Latvian Winner

We got some great news from our latvian friends at kennel Dinamunde!

Vayra rock_ Kapten akempe_1Two Latvian Winners and half siblings both out of Ch Dinamunde Trifele!
Best of Breed: Dinamunde Vayra Rock
Best in Oppostie Sex: Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe

Vayra rock_Kapten kaempeBest In Show Brace!
Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe and Dinamunde Vayra Rock
together with handler Evija Shukevicha

Vayra rock_Safron Argent, Kapten kaempeMother Dinamunde Vayra Rock, son Dinamunde Safron Argent
and father Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe, here together with Oksana Vertinska

13445425_842416909221815_7393777031122493062_nA nice picture of the Dinamunde Schnauzer team containing: Argenta’s Maximillian Merritt, Dinamunde Military Brend, Dinamunde Vayra Rock, Dinamunde Trifele,
Dinamunde Doroteja Rock, Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe

SSPK Specialty show in Norrköping

Schnauzer judge: Carina Andersson-Rapp

Argenta’s Qrawford: BOS baby
Argenta’s Qatniss: BOB baby
Argenta’s Qlothilde: 2nd baby female
Argenta’s Pheonix: BOB, BOB junior, CAC, BIS 4 junior
Argenta’s Kingsley: 2nd best male
Argenta’s Morrison: 3rd best champion male
Argenta’s Precious: Excellent
Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske: 2nd best female

BIR_BIM_valpBest of Breed Puppy: Argenta’s Qatniss, own and shown by Ida Björklund
Best In Opposite Sex: Argenta’s Qrawford

QrawfordArgenta’s Qrawford, own by Kennel Argenta

QlothildeArgenta’s Qlothilde, own by kennel Argenta and Monika Johansson

Qlothilde_Qlothilde examined by judge Carina Andersson-Rapp

Pheonix_2Argenta’s Pheonix, 10,5 months winning best male and CAC

BIR_BIMBest of Breed: Argenta’s Pheonix
Best in Opposite Sex: Ch Velvet Dandy’s Sigrid Storråda

Pheonix_1A great weekend for Argenta’s Pheonix who won
BOB, BOB junior, Best In Show 4 junior, 2 x CAC

SKK National show in Norrköping

Schnauzer judge: Margareta Skogsberg, Sweden
BOB C.I.B, Multi Ch Argenta’s Kingsley 
BOS Multi Ch Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske.
Third best male with CAC Argenta’s Phoenix and
third best female with CAC Argenta’s Precious.
Father and mother, son and daughter. 

Ch Argenta’s Morrison third best championmale.
We are also so happy for Kennel Chevrolet’s puppies
out of Argenta’s Kingsley winning Puppy BOB and BOS.

BIR_BIMBest of Breed: C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kingsley
Best In Opposite sex: Multi Ch, Multi Winner Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske
Here with schnauzer specialist Margareta Skogsberg

PheonixArgenta’s Pheonix, 10,5 months winning CAC
(Argenta’s Kingsley x Xocco Saltus ze Zahrabske)

Championklass haneCh Argenta’s Kingsley with Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Morrison with his owner Monika

UppfödargruppArgenta’s breeders group containing: Ch Argenta’s Morrison with Boel, Argenta’s Precious with Monika, Argenta’s Pheonix with Caroline and Ch Argenta’s Kingsley with Maria

Nelson_finalCh Argenta’s Kingsley and Caroline shortlisted in the final ring