May 2010

May 2010 

May 30th
Swedish Kennel Club International Show 

Schnauzer: Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania, 12 entries
Group 2: Petra Junehall, Sweden, 58 breeds
Best in Show Veteran: Alenka Pokorn, Slovenia, entries ?

We came with four dogs this time. Kolja, Dede, Caper and Bohemia.

Kolja once again our first dog in the ring hen won the class and the CACIB

As Caroline and I had three dogs to show we never had any time to take some photos of the girls.

Thank you Anki and Birgitta for helping preparing the dogs.

Caudatus Bohemia “Molly” won open females. Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet won champion females
and Ch Von Roths Fanfare won Veteran females. Best female with CACIB were Dede,
third best female were Caper and fourth best female were Molly.

Kolja in the finalring


Reserv Best in Group

Caper and Caroline showed in the Veteran final ring.

and became

Veteran Best In Show 

May 23rd 
Swedish Schnauzer-Pinscher Club Show

Schnauzer: Vivan-Maria Soleckuu Sztunas, Poland, 33 entries

Best in Show Veteran: Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Norway
Best in Show: Vivan-Maria Soleckuu Sztunas, Poland

There were a very high quality in the schnauzer ring today too.
Caroline started by helping Monica with her handsome male from the intermediate class Adiola’s Bór Bure.
The won the class and later on came second in the best male class, that resulted in Bure’s first certificate.
This good lookig male is out of Ch Argenta’s Utrillo and Ch Argenta’s Adiola.


Caroline and Ch LP I & LP II Argenta’s Brittany in champion females,
they got a certificate quality

Heidi and Wakanda

Best of Breed Kolja here with judge Vivan-Maria Soleckuu Sztunas
and Best in Opposite Sex Elestorp’s Cháteau Clinet.
She is a daughter to Ch Argenta’s Wakanda and a grand daughter to Ch Argenta’s Jefferson

The Veteran ring, some of the dogs

Veteran Best in Show

Caper and Caroline “the Dream Team”
here with judge Anders Tunold-Hanssen

Some of the dogs in the Best in Show line up

Between Kolja and the good looking Fixus Local News

Best in Show!

May 22nd 
Swedish Kennel Club National Show

Schnauzer: Haranen Juta, Estonia, 30 entries

We had a great day in Hässleholm. Most of the dogs of a very high quality.
It is really nice to see some new dogs and new faces when going south.
We only had three dogs (Kolja, Caper & Bella) with us this time.
Our wonderful Kolja were first out of our dogs.

He won the best male class

Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 

Swe Ch, LP I & LP II Argenta’s Brittany won the huge champion class and came second in the best female class with certificate qulity and reserv CACIB. Next to Caroline and Bella are Heidi and Ch Argenta’s Wakanda also with certificate quality in the champion females.

Int & Multi Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare
reserv in the best female class and Veteran Best of Breed

Best of Breed Ch & Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
here with judge Juta Haranen and Best in Opposite Velvet Dandy’s Gunpowder Gertie

Caper were picked but not placed in the big veteran group.
Kolja was also picked in the final ring and were among the seven best dogs in the huge Group 2

May 16th

We got our second Mini litter – Mini B!
Our wonderful Clura gave birth to six puppies within 1 hour and 25 minutes.She is really amazing, she is not only good looking, great in mentality she is also a wonderful mother.
More info in Mini B’s page under puppy info.


May 8th
Swedish Kennel Club National Show 

We weren’t there, dogshows is not the only thing in the world
and we had a weekend of doing familystuff. We had a great weekend at the summerhouse instead. BUT even if we wasn’t there LP 1, LP II, Argenta’s Yellowstone was. He came second in the best male class with certificate quality.
Well done Maria and Ozzy!

May 2nd
Swedish Schnauzer-Pinscher Club Show

Schnauzer: Margareta Skogsberg, Sweden, 18 entries

Best male were Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja”

Argenta’s Ginerva got a first prize

Argenta’s Dotter Delta, out on her first and last show in Sweden before leaving for Iceland, got a first prize and certificate quality and were second in the open females.

Caudatus Bohemia also got a first prize with certificate quality
and were third in the class.
Ch Centera Dazzling Dubonet third in the champion females with certificate quality

Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare “Caper” Best of Breed Veteran

Caper and Caroline

Kolja Best of Breed

and later on

 Reserv Best in Show

Caper won

Veteran Best in Show!