May 2016

SKK International show in Österbybruk

Schnauzer judge: Jens Myrman, Sweden

Argenta’s Pheonix: won junior class
Ch Argenta’s Morrison: Best of Breed with CACIB
Argenta’s Precious: won junior class
Ch Argenta’s Karamelli: fourth best female with Res. CACIB
Ch Centara’s Dazzling Dubonet: Best in Opposite Sex, Best of Breed Veteran

BIR_BIM_Dede_MorrisBest of Breed: Ch Argenta’s Morrison with owner and handler Monika Johansson 
Best in Opposite Sex: Ch Centara’s Dazzling Dubonet with handler Iris Thörnestad
Together with judge Jens Myrman


New blood track champion

Brain and Beauty! 
C.I.B, SeUch, NoUch, FinUch, Nordic Ch, NordicW’14’15, SeW’14, NoW’14, FinW’14, HelsinkiW’14, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley “Nelson”
passed his 3rd blood tracking and has now received the swedish blood tracking champion title SeVCh together with his great owner Maria Sundbom! Well done Maria and Nelson!
We are so proud of all our puppy owners who manage to take out the very best in their Schnauzers!

Nelson_SeVch Nelson

News from Latvia

We got some news from our friends in Riga from the speciality show for II FCI group in Riga.
C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe “Argo” won Best of breed and later on Best In Show 2! Argo also won Best In Show Brace 1 togheter with his sister Multi Ch Dinamunde Doroteja Rock

(Caudatus Ray Of Sunshine*Dinamunde Trifele)

Kapten kaempe BIS2C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe winning
BIS 2 together with handler Evija

Kapten kaempe_doroteja rockCh Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe and Dinamunde Doroteja Rock winning BIS brace
together with handler Evija


News from Hungary

International show in Szilvasvarad (HU) 14.05.2016
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat – Junior Winner, BOB Junior, BOB and Junior Hungarian Champion. Grania is still too young to win CACIB
Gemma_Granat_1Ch Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat together with owner Dorota Szmurło

International show in Szilvasvarad (HU) -15.05.2016
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat – exc. V2 (junior class)

International show in Szilvasvarad (HU) – 16.05.2016
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat – Res.CACIB (intermediate class)


Serbian Champion, Junior Polish, Hungarian and Serbian Champion,
Junior Polish Winner 2015, Serbian Junior Club Winner 2015

Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat

GemmaGranatArgenta’s Mini Gemma Granat together with owner Dorota Szmurło



News from Poland

We got some great news from Dorota and Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat “Grania”
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat won Best of Breed with a CAC and ended up as Best schnauzer dog show Cup Memory of Jacek Dul!
Grania also became the Best Breeding Pair 4 together with the male Aloes Szadoria.
Well done Dorota and Grania!

13177317_1168546789844463_4358370167457174104_nArgenta’s Mini Gemma Granat competing for Best of Breed 

13124617_1168546373177838_1834214109713987607_nDorota and Grania winning best schnauzer dog at show and thereby winning
the Cup Memory of Jacek Dul!

13151477_1168547066511102_4555223926223320758_nGrania in movement

13092147_1168547256511083_6060278975265727768_nGrania in the final

13164289_1168546956511113_1223208376651360509_nArgenta’s Mini Gemma Granat and owner Dorota Szmurło

13094218_1168546673177808_8977718161289569496_nArgenta’s Mini Gemma Granat and Aloes Szadoria winning Best Breeding Pair 4


SKK International show in Lidköping

Schnauzer judge: Pia Lundberg, Sweden
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Anette Edlander, Sweden

Ch Argenta’s Kingsley Best of Breed, Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro second best male and Veteran Best of Breed. Ch Argenta’s Morrison, second best champion male.

First time out Argenta’s Precious 10 months old, third best female with reserv CAC. 
Ch Argenta’s Noblesse was excellent shown by Mathilda Sundbom (her first official show ever) to best champion female. Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet was second best veteran female. 
Argenta’s Mini Dahlia got Excellent in open class
Mathilda showed Noblessa in juniorhandling (this was also her first time in the “real” juniorhandling and they came fourth and was qulified to the Swedish Mastership in Juniorhandling in December. So proud of the two youngster this weekend. Mathilda our excellent new handler in team Argenta and Precious doing so well first time out.

13151588_10204455062417197_9031614135225062967_nBest of breed: Ci.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kingsley
Best in Opposite Sex: C.I.B, Multi Ch Estellets Blomman Freja-Fashion, owner Renée Östrand
Together with judge Pia Lundberg

13165851_10153924068279724_5368199354444722231_nCh Argenta’s Kingsley

13161901_10153924068384724_7261124400406987375_oCh Argenta’s Kingsley

13118887_10153924096504724_2417807868878483425_nCh Argenta’s Morrison

13147460_10153924068159724_8860249967423138403_oCh Argenta’s Morrison together with handler and owner Monika Johansson

13151383_10153924068194724_28063038531099874_nCh Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro in veteran class

13151643_10153924091719724_414432513667243962_nArgenta’s Precious 10 months
(Ch Argenta’s Kingsley X Ch Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske)

13161883_10153924068509724_5633126149805996505_oCh Argenta’s Noblessa and Mathilda Sundbom

13131363_10153924068329724_7146475947649527311_oNoblessa and Mathilda

13124465_10153924067944724_7760080117327127583_nCh Centara Dazzling Dubonet in the veteran class

13177366_10153924067964724_7671911232478835842_nAnki Thörnestad and Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet

13177681_10153924068719724_295676932946118915_nArgenta’s breedersgroup containing: Boel with Ch Argenta’s Morrison, Monika with
Ch Argenta’s Noblessa, Caroline with Argenta’s Precious and Maria with Ch Argenta’s Kingsley

13118888_10153924067989724_5489991426652814413_nSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia got excellent and CC quality in open class

13178754_10153924068134724_1472391981423082881_nMathilda and Noblessa qualified to the swedish mastership in juniorhandling later this year.
Mathilda is really a great handler!

13165897_10153924093969724_3531633260519746481_nThis is also our future. So very proud of our two new SS litters P3 and here
Argenta’s Qlothilde from the Q3 litter

13139048_10153924094034724_7553923880952780662_nArgenta’s Qlothilde, “Thilde”, 4 months
(Ch Simon v Achterplaetzhen x Ch Argenta’s Karamelli) 

News from Serbia

We got some great news from Serbia and Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat!
01.05.2016 IDS Vranje (SRB)
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat won CAC, CACIB, BOB

02.05.2016 IDS Stara Pazova(SRB)
Argenta’s Mini Gemma Granat won CAC, CACIB, BOB