October 2009

October 2009


We got some great photos from Maria, Ozzy and Wiggo
Enjoy two nice dogs, Ozzy with his younger “brother” Wiggo.
LP I, II Argenta’s Yellowstone and Argenta’s Giovanni born in May 2009.
Giovanni is so much look a like his mother’s aunt Galathea at the same age!

The photos was scanned from papper copies.
Thank you Maria!

30-31th of October 
Swedish Kennel Club International dogshow

Standard Schnauzer: Pia Lundberg, Sweden – 35 entries
Miniature Schnauzer: Carl Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden – 45 entries
Veteran Best in Show: Petru Muntean, RumaniaCornelia, Caroline, Susanne and Boel took
the schnauzers, mini and affen by train to Växjö.
We stayed at the Stads hotel and we had a great time
and at last we time to talking (eat and drink together).
Caper, Kolja, Molly, Clura the mini and Madicken the affen were playing around in the hotel room.

The minis and the standards were judged at the same time.
Luckely Cornelia showed Clura in the mini ring while Boel and Caroline were in the standard ring.
Clura came second in the intermediate class and got a great judgement.

Kolja won the open males

then it was time for Ch Argenta’s Utrillo and Caroline,
Ch Argenta’s Culpepper and Annika to enter the ring.

Annika and Swe, Norw & Fin Ch Argenta’s Culpepper

Swedish Champion, Nordic Winner’07,
Swedish Obedience Champion Argenta’s Utrillo

in the champion male class Utrillo and Pepper

Swe & Est Winner ’09 Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 
winning the best male class with CAC and CACIB

Puppy females Ida with Argenta’s Felicity first time out on a SKC show.
They came second in the puppy class.

Monica with Adiola’s Bumble Bee a daughter out of Ch Argenta’s Adiola

Caudatus Bohemia “Molly”
in the open females were she was placed as fourth best female

Boel and “Molly”

Anki and “Dede” Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet

Swe & Est Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet “Dede”

Swe Ch Argenta’s Wakanda 

Dede won the championclass and Swe Ch Argenta’s Wakanda came third

Boel, Kolja and Ida looking at Caroline and Caper in the veteran class.

Did you know that Caroline can fly?

International, American, Swedish and Estonian Champion
European Winner 2005, World Junior Winner 2002,
Swedish Winner 2003 and 2004 Von Roth’s Fanfare
 and Caroline won the veteran class

Caroline and Caper won the best female class, second Anki and Ded and they also won the CACIB.

at the ringside with, Cornelia, Caroline, Annika, Ida and Helena.
In the backround Susanne grooming one of her males Caudatus Soft Ripple

Best of Breed
Caroline and Caper, Boel and Kolja

Best of Breed Von Roth’s Fanfare judge Pia Lundberg
Best in Opposite Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Dede and Kolja begging for meatballs

Caroline and Caper waiting for veteran final

Cornelia doing all the packing

Veteran final

Caper were picked in the final

and she won

Veteran Best In Group Reserv 

Thank you Annika for all your help taking most of the photos!!

and then we took the train back to Stockholm