October 2008

October 2008

Oktober 31th 
Swedish KennelClub International Dog Show in Växjö

Standard Schnauzer: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.
Miniature Schnauzer puppies: Svein Helgesen, Norway.
24 SS entered
7 MS puppies entered

Boel, Caroline and Cornelia went to Växjö by train. They took Kolian, Cara, Molly and Tolle with them. When they came to Växjö they saw the first snow this winter. Boel were really happy that they took the train and not the car as it was a mess in the traffic.
At the hotel they had a nice evening with Birgitta, Annika, Argenta’s Anastasya “Siri”and “Lillen”.
Friday morning Annelie and “Bella” Argenta’s Brittany met us and we all went to the showground.
Were we met Jens, IngMarie and Utrillo, Zervantes and his new owners Simon and Petra.Of course we had a great time with all our puppyowners and friends around the ring. It was nice to hear that young Eleonor are doing fine and that Roger and Lisbeth after all this years have a Argenta dog.
Late in the afternoon it was great to enter the train to Stockholm. The dogs slept all the way and they have been behaving really good during the trip.

We will add photos as soon as possible

Argenta’s Mini Aksinja won Puppy Best in Opposite Sex
Argenta’s Mini Anastasya was third best mini female
Argenta’s Mini Anatoly third best mini male

Argenta’s Mini Anastasya

Ch, LP I, II, III Argenta’s Utrillo won the CACIB and Best in Opposite Sex
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro won the CAC and became second best male
Argenta’s Zervantes were shown for the first time and he
was doing that very good, he only needs some more substance.
We are looking forward to see him in the in the ring in the future.
Argenta’s Brittany won her second CAC and she was perfectly shown by Caroline.
Ch, LP I Argenta’s Yoline was reserv in the best female class.

Ch, LP I, II, III Argenta’s Utrillo Best in Opposite Sex (even if the ribbons in the judge hands says something else) BOB Ch Velvet Dandy’s Dot Com.

Oktober 26th 

Puppy meeting for our Mini A litter in Stuvsta

Our mini schnauzer are now 6 month old so we arranged a meeting
to see how all were doing.
All puppies came with there owners.
Aleksej “Olsson” came with UllaBritt and Alf and a grandaughter.
Anatoly “Tolle” came with Lelle and Mathilda.
Antonov “Anton” brought Puck and Larsa.
Anastasya “Siri”came from Degerfors with Birgitta and Frida.
Ulrika stayed at home taking care of her beautiful Standard Schnauzer litter.
Anouschka “Grimma” came with Carina, Håkan and Sara
Aksinja “Molly” came walking with Tommy, Ulrika and Axel.
Amina “Tintin” and Jan came but Stig had to be at a birthday party.
Absolut Agnes“Agnes” came with Urban and HumbertoWe will add photos from the meeting both Puck and Birgitta took plenty with photos. It was a rainy day but we went out for a walk just before the rain came. Then we went indoor for a light lunch and a lot of talking. We are so very happy about our first mini litter and we are very pleased with all our great puppy owners.
Thank you all for a nice afternoon.

Aksinja and Anouschka are coming with their families.

Kolja is saying hello to “Grimma” Anouschka
and Grimma is saying hello to Matilda.

A schnauzer and mini schnauzer confetti.

Kolja and one of the Mini A’s

Carina, Lelle, Humberto Matilda and Urban.

Some of all the puppyowners.





Amina before grooming




October 12th 
Mentalitytest on Gnesta/Trosa Workingdog Club 

Arranged by Kennel Argenta and Kennel CaudatusWe had a great day with a wonderful fall weather.
Beskrivare/judge Bengt Skarin
Testleader Jenny & Jörgen Lindeberg

When it was time for the first dog out I had forgotten
my camera in the car but I had my cellphone with me.

Argenta’s Caterina and her owner Lars

met Jenny in the moment “kontakt”


“Cajsa” running after the small prey

“Dumpe” was no problem

and neither were the loud sound

Cajsa and the ghosts

Next dog were Argenta’s Courtney

Here with her owner Åsa

she had no problem to follow the Jenny

or to play with her

the whole family stayed with Courtney during the activity moment

the big prey in the background

going after the big prey

“Dumpe” the surprise that flies up during a nice walk in the wood.
Courtney is the grey spot in the middle
and you can see that the cord is still vibrating.

the loud sound

Courtney is checking what it was

controlling the ghosts

oh great! no ghosts just a person

playing while shouting and she got 1 on the shooting

Caroline and Argenta’s Caitline were next

no problem to follow Jenny the testleader

Catie were running fast after the small prey

and she found the prey

and there were the big prey

Catie went to her in the nest

playing with the big prey

Catie and the sound,
it starts…..

Catie jumped into it….

and Caroline came to Catie to see what it was everything was over within seconds

Catie protecting Caroline

everything is over and Catie passed the test with 2 on the shooting

Argenta’s Culpepper came after Catline

“Pepper” and his owner Annika

Pepper inviting Jenny to play

following the small prey

the big prey

running after

Pepper meeting “Dumpe”

Pepper behaved as Catie, he went directly to the sound

controlling the ghosts

Annika and Pepper playing during the shooting and Pepper got 1 on the shooting.

Last dog out were Argenta’s Brooklyn

“Albin” and his owner Birgitta talking to Jörgen


Albin really liked this….

…so well that he didn’t want to stop
so he went for the toy himself.

The small prey

running after

got it

taking a pause during the moment activity

the big prey

running after

checking the nest, playing with the prey

the judge evaluate Albin when he is meeting Dumpe


the judge is explaining the results, Albin got 1 on the shooting.

Thank you all for coming to the test from all parts of Sweden.
We really had a great day.

When we came home late in the evening we got a message from
Eva, Daniella and Ch Argenta’s Thelma.
Daniella and Thelma has won the title ClubWinner in agility on
Nynäshams workingdog Club.
Well done Daniella and “Ebba” !!

October 11th 
Swedish Kennelclub’s International Dogshow in Sundsvall 

Standard Schnauzer: Hans Almgren,
35 standards (14 males and 21 females) were enteredBoel, Mikael and Caroline went to Sundsvall with Yoline, Kolja and Dede,
“Tolle” the mini came along as a fan club.

First out in the ring were Kolja now 11 month old.
Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro
he won the junior class, the best male class and the CAC.
He is to young to win the CACIB.

Centara Dazzling Dubonet 
“Dede” competed in the intermediate class. She won that class and was placed as number 5 in the best female class only beaten by champions.

Ch Lp I Argenta’s Yoline
Caroline and “Cara” competed in the champion were they came second with reserv cacib. They were also second best female today.

Our young Kolja winning Best in Opposite Sex.
Here with judge Hans Almgren and Ch Velvet Dandy’s Dot Com

As usuall we try to get some nice photos, and we got some of cute Dede.

Centara Dazzling Dubonet 

October 9th 

Argenta’s Mini Aleksej came to be groomed.
I wish we had photos taken before and after.Here is “Olsson” 5½ month old.