Working Dogs

Argenta’s Working Dogs

Photos of some Argenta-dogs in action!
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Ch Argenta’s Trinity
together with her trainer Agneta Hjelm,
who also competes with “Tinny” in agility.They are also members of the team Svart Krut
which qualified and were placed well in the Swedish Agility Mastership in year 2000, 2001 and 2002.
In 2002 they were placed as No 3!

Ch Argenta’s Griffith
“Griffy” combined both beauty and brain.
He and his owner/trainer Susanne Linell competed successfully in confirmation, tracking, searching and obedience.
He was also contracted to the Swedish Home Guard.

Ch Argenta’s Sgt Pepper
Pepper has, together with his owner Jens Johansson,
qualified to the Swedish Obedience Mastership several years.

Ch Argenta’s O’Ryan 

with his owner Sven Lundholm
resting during the yearly elk hunting! O’Ryan was such a good hunting dog that he was frequently lent to different elk hunting teams all over Sweden.
Ch Argenta’s Dorothea
“Ida” – the most successful
Obedience Standard Schnauzer in Sweden – ever!Together with her owner Jens Johansson,
she has qualified and competed in the Swedish Obedience Mastership from 1991 to 1996.The Obedience dog of the Year in SSPK from 1991 to 1996.For several years, Ida and Jens, were placed among the 10 best Obedience dogs all breeds in Sweden.

Ch Argenta’s Prescott
“Chivas” was the first Standard Schnauzer in Sweden that passed the test to become a Guard dog in the Swedish Air force. His owner Eva Spove trained Chivas for the first of three grades. He was lent to the army for over 10 weeks when he was trained by a soldier for the second grade. On the picture above, Chivas is together with his army trainer.

Ch Argenta’s Liberty
and her owner Margareta Rollsten
What a wonderful team they are!What a list of achievements
* Korad with excellent points!
* Mentality test, passed the shooting!
* The title LP I in obedience!
* Reached Lower Class of Tracking!
* Swedish Championship in conformation!

Ch Argenta’s Hercules
This male, “Robin” has, together with his owner Soleiko Pinter, during a very short time achieved:* Korad with excellent points
* Mentality test, passed the shooting
* The title LP I in obedience
* Passed the entrance test to Search and Rescue Training School
* Reached Lower Class of Tracking with highest points on tracking. During the same period, Robin won champion titles in conformation in 4 different countries!

Ch Argenta’s Orwille
“Scott” has, together with his owner Sophie Nersäter,
competed successfully in obedience, confirmation, tracking, searching and agility.Scott is both Swedish Elite Obedience Champion and Swedish Obedience Champion.
The former title, he won as a 10-year old so who can say that you can’t learn old dogs to sit?!Scott still love to train and compete together with Sophie.
Herding Instinct Test!

Ch Argenta’s Freja Frodine has successfully passed the Herding Instinct Test. On the photo above Ch Asgard Holly Serena,
a daughter out of Ch Argenta’s Kavaljer Krona, is doing a test.

Another fantastic working dog:
Ch Argenta’s Imelda
Here training searching. She is, together with her owner Yvonne Broberg, also active in tracking and obedience.