Argenta’s Nevada

Argenta’s Nevada

Qualified School and Therapy Dog

14657483_190840328028583_2863869016245395716_nArgenta’s Nevada together with her handler Tori Malm

14212142_148477182264898_4437548634734584938_nArgenta’s Nevada “Maja” with her owner Sirkka ready for
their everyday work as a therapy and school dog

1504552_10152082723445686_4804256423560218457_n 10537490_10152586829582158_2922177793854465965_o 10452306_10152390530484724_4492328189134944727_nThree sisters from Argenta’s N3-litter:
Argenta’s Nigella, Argenta’s Nevada, Argenta’s Noblessa

10395829_10152390530369724_1414006705593090751_nThree sisters from Argenta’s N3-litter: 
Argenta’s Nigella, Argenta’s Nevada, Argenta’s Noblessa

10154420_10152281872799724_8747858462815371748_nArgenta’s Nevada winning Best of Breed with CAC just turning 9 months old

1234237_3661387710604_1200931076_nArgenta’s Nevada 5 months old

1098442_10151641725734724_1146218656_nArgenta’s Nevada 8 weeks old


Owner: Sirkka Piisilä

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third N-litter
Born 19th of June 2012

Sire Dame
Qaspar-roterad Yoline_stand_bra1
International champion, German Champion,
PSK Champion, VDH Champion,
Dutch Champion, Danish Champion,
Luxemburg Champion, German Jugend Champion,
Klubb Jugend Sieger, Europa Jugend Sieger,
Klubb Sieger, Amsterdam Winner’06, ISPU Winner’09
International Champion, Nordic Champion,
Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion,
Danish Champion, World Junior Winner 2006,
Polish Junior Winner 2006, Nordic Winner 2007,
Swedish Winner 2008, LP I
Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen
Ch Jasper Vom Kreuzbruch Ch Asgard Argenta’s Challenger
Ch Atzi v Kreuzbruch
Ch Leeloo Lollipop Vom Achterplätzchen Ch Argenta’s Dutchman
Ch Highlight Goldie Vom Achterplätzche
Ch Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Centara Outback Jack Ch Parsifal-PS Di Casa Netzer
Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet
Ch Argenta’s Roxanne Ch Argenta’s O’connor
Ch Argenta’s Imperia