Ch Centara Outback Jack

Centara Outback Jack

International Champion
American Champion
Canadian Champion
Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
Estonian Champion

Swedish Winner 2004
Swedish Winner 2007
The Schnauzer/Pinscher of the Year in Sweden 2005
The Schnauzer/Pinscher Veteran of the Year in Sweden 2005
The Standard Schnauzer of the Year in Sweden 2005

Ch Centara Outback Jack
We are very happy that we had Jack staying with us for 1½ year.Thank you Linda Dobbie, Kennel Centara, USA
for lending us this charming and beautiful male!
Ch Centara Outback Jack through the years...

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Ch Centara Outback Jack
“Jack” is the father of our 2nd W-litter2nd X-litter and 2nd Y-litter 

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Sire Dame
Ch Parsifal di Casa Netzer Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet
International & American Champion American Champion
Parsifal di Casa Netzer Centara Canicula Dubonet
Ch Parsifal di Casa Netzer
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Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet
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