Argenta’s Nigella

Argenta’s Nigella

International Champion
Swedish Champion
Swedish Blood Tracking Champion
Rally Obedience F
Rally Obedience N
Norwegian Champion
Finish Champion
Nordic Champion
Irish Champion
Swedish Club Winner (SKBV)
Nordic Junior Winner’14
Finnish Junior Winner’14
Swedish Junior Winner’14
Helsinki Junior Winner’14
Obedience Schnauzer of the Year 2017
Swedish Club Winner – SKBV

11698801_10153269091014724_5632253291762354516_nArgenta’s Nigella winning Best In Group 3

14206205_10154404739152158_6004588774525306051_oArgenta’s Nigella 3 years old

14064125_10154372491887158_2418586353551901732_nArgenta’s Nigella winning Best of Breed

14188569_10154404746367158_8026059547630879270_oArgenta’s Nigella 3 years old

10357598_10153269091019724_2002037222739685049_nArgenta’s Nigella together with her two happy owners Caroline and Sophie

11250152_10153269089294724_3133366011334707911_nBest of Breed: Argenta’s Nigella
Best in Opposite Sex: Argenta’s Morrison

11665763_10153269090039724_7932900589102544408_nArgenta’s Nigella winning Best of Breed and her last CAC and
thereby becoming Swedish, Norwegian, Finish and Nordic Champion

14237591_10154215832234724_1912459632511471283_nBest of Breed: Argenta’s Morrison
Best in Opposite Sex: Argenta’s Nigella

14479740_10207831552609195_8630488902612265872_nNigella after winning the swedish bloodtracking championship

13083200_10206726894433431_7808389429845576017_nNigella winning Best of Breed and Best of Group 3 in Ireland and becoming Irish champion

13100913_10206726894753439_3845271942119941755_nNigella and Sophie in Irland

12814158_10153767492619724_8051106307798620088_nNigella and Sophie at Crufts

11703046_10204806929355504_9095450540222137186_nNigella and Sophie on Winsdor

13077007_10206662256257517_4642019900967676039_nSophie and Ellie also compete in obedience and became Schnauzer P/S obedience dog of the year 2017

1924322_10152587650042158_6941277923453116244_nEllie winning Best of Breed from junior class
Best in Opposite Sex: Argenta´s Morrison

1614401_10152587650757158_486660930831577455_oNigella winning Junior Best In Show at SSPK show in Åsarna

10599316_10152587650707158_5280742731528122163_nNigella as a junior

10603335_10152588166809724_7704676932934067601_nNigella winning Best In Show 3 under schnauzer specialist Eugene Yerusalimsky

10698475_10152862543957158_8571129088805552798_nNigella winning the finnish CAC from junior class at the Finnish Winner Show in Helsinki

1504625_10152864648917158_8113712626521474928_nNigella winning the finnish junior winner title

10858535_10203496285990239_1872762250774536214_nNigella winning the swedish junior winner title

10151183_10152297499479724_7732662270648660967_nNigella in puppy class

1524655_10152095518319724_1772703612_nNigella in puppy class at My Dog

1535610_10152123556087158_2079816729_nNigella winning Best In Show Puppy 2

1487270_10152120368927158_191661071_nNigella winnig Best of Breed Puppy

945480_10151834117064724_1965760988_nNigella 5 months

1004684_10151641725914724_1792980257_nArgenta’s Nigella 8 weeks old


HD A/B Passed mentality test with 3 on contact, 4 on playing and 1 on shooting
Owner: Sophie Hedberg & Caroline Spetz  DCM Clear, Eyes Clear

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third N-litter

Born 19th of June 2013

Sire Dame
Qaspar-roterad Yoline_stand_bra1
International champion, German Champion,
PSK Champion, VDH Champion,
Dutch Champion, Danish Champion,
Luxemburg Champion, German Jugend Champion,
Klubb Jugend Sieger, Europa Jugend Sieger,
Klubb Sieger, Amsterdam Winner’06, ISPU Winner’09
International Champion, Nordic Champion,
Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion,
Danish Champion, World Junior Winner 2006,
Polish Junior Winner 2006, Nordic Winner 2007,
Swedish Winner 2008, LP I
Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen
Ch Jasper Vom Kreuzbruch Ch Asgard Argenta’s Challenger
Ch Atzi v Kreuzbruch
Ch Leeloo Lollipop Vom Achterplätzchen Ch Argenta’s Dutchman
Ch Highlight Goldie Vom Achterplätzche
Ch Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Centara Outback Jack Ch Parsifal-PS Di Casa Netzer
Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet
Ch Argenta’s Roxanne Ch Argenta’s O’connor
Ch Argenta’s Imperia