Argenta’s Noblessa

Argenta’s Noblessa

Swedish Champion
Danish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Nordic Champion
Norwegian Junior Winner’14
Danish Junior Winner’14 

535140_10153619942719724_4732143847008514651_nArgenta’s Noblessa at the European Winner show in Oslo 2015

11986610_10153414913609724_3841582211885539625_nArgenta’s Noblessa winning her last CAC and becoming swedish champion

13161883_10153924068509724_5633126149805996505_oOur skilled junior handler Mathilda Sundbom together with Argenta’s Noblessa competing in junior handling and together they qualified to the swedish championship in junior handling

13178754_10153924068134724_1472391981423082881_nMathilda Sundbom and Argenta’s Noblessa qualified to the swedish championship in junior handling

10391397_10152390530209724_3363060662631321562_nArgenta’s Noblessa 1,5 years old

10360441_10152390751094724_6089419917246986094_nTwo sisters: Argenta’s Nigella and Argenta’s Noblessa

10418377_10152390530094724_127132450330136382_nArgenta’s Noblessa examined by judge Hans Almgren

10371933_10203314125316336_3128993838790642072_nTwo sisters winning at the Norwegian Winner show and Nordic Winner show in Oslo:
Nordic Junior Winner’14 Argenta’s Nigella & Norwegian Junior Winner’14 Argenta’s Noblessa

1484256_10152123554442158_1419487621_nArgenta’s Noblessa 6,5 months old

1507676_10152123556992158_786808329_nArgenta’s Noblessa 6,5 months old

1531576_10152123554632158_1462050162_nArgenta’s Noblessa 6,5 months old

1456615_10152062150263530_1318051916_nArgenta’s Noblessa 4 months old

1459174_1416930531871065_1486953601_nArgenta’s Noblessa winning puppy best of breed 

1233539_10151889715518530_640999060_nArgenta’s Noblessa 10 weeks old

970693_10151641726374724_230323789_nArgenta’s Noblessa 8 weeks old


HD B Passed mentality test with 4 on contact and 1 on shooting
Owner: Annika Bengtsson, Kennel Friendsforall  

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third N-litter

Born 19th of June 2013

Sire Dame
Qaspar-roterad Yoline_stand_bra1
International champion, German Champion,
PSK Champion, VDH Champion,
Dutch Champion, Danish Champion,
Luxemburg Champion, German Jugend Champion,
Klubb Jugend Sieger, Europa Jugend Sieger,
Klubb Sieger, Amsterdam Winner’06, ISPU Winner’09
International Champion, Nordic Champion,
Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion,
Danish Champion, World Junior Winner 2006,
Polish Junior Winner 2006, Nordic Winner 2007,
Swedish Winner 2008, LP I
Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen
Ch Jasper Vom Kreuzbruch Ch Asgard Argenta’s Challenger
Ch Atzi v Kreuzbruch
Ch Leeloo Lollipop Vom Achterplätzchen Ch Argenta’s Dutchman
Ch Highlight Goldie Vom Achterplätzche
Ch Argenta’s Yoline
Ch Centara Outback Jack Ch Parsifal-PS Di Casa Netzer
Ch Centara Canicula Dubonet
Ch Argenta’s Roxanne Ch Argenta’s O’connor
Ch Argenta’s Imperia