August 2012

Högbo International triple show

Schnauzer judge: schnauzer specialist Mette Tufte, Norway
Group judge: Fernandez-Renau Carl
Veteran judge: de Giuliani Claudio
Breeders group judge: Svarstad Per

Argenta’s Huckleberry and Argenta’s Culpepper waiting to enter the ring

Argenta’s Jasper in youth class, he also won another CAC

Argenta’s Culpepper in champion class

SeUch, LatCh, FinUch, LP I Argenta’s Zaerskild in champion class

Kolja in champion class

Kolja with his american eyebrows

Placement in best male. Kolja on first place, Culpepper 2nd, Caudatus Zeus (A. Tolstoys son and A. Qayennes grandson) 3rd, Argenta’s Jasper 4th and Argenta’s Zaerskild 5th

Ida together with Argenta’s Imagine won the youth class

Argenta’s Felicity won the big champion class and became best female

Father and daughter winning BOB and BOS! 

Boel with C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro 
Ida with SeUch Argenta’s Felicity 

Argenta’s breeders group winning containing four combinations 

Annika with Argenta’s Huckleberry 1,5 years, Caroline with Argenta’s Imagine 16 months,
Boel with Argenta’s Culpepper 5 years and Ida with Argenta’s Felicity 3 years

Kolja showing his powerful movement in the finals

Koljas beautiful rear

Freestanding beautifully

Kolja were picked among the top ten and showed himself perfect the whole weekend despite the long travel from USA the day before the first showday!

C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi winner Von Roth’s Fanfare “Caper” in the veteran finals nearly 13 years old, still going strong

Argenta’s breeders group in the finals

We are so happy and proud over all our wonderful puppy owners and great dogs!

We took some new photos of elegant and beautiful SeUch Argenta’s Felicity

We also took some new lovely photos of SeUch, FiUch, Vice-JWW’08 Argenta’s Caitline

Handsome SeUch Caudatus Zeus, grandson to Ch Argenta’s Qayenne and son to Ch Argenta’s Tolstoy

This show weekend were the muddiest show ever and we did our best to keep the mud outside the tent by buying plastic carpets to have inside the tents! 

Some pictures of the showground…


Högbo International triple show

 Schnauzer judge: schnauzer specialist Walter Schicker, Germany
Veteran judge: Lysgaard Rune
Breeders group judge: Tufte Mette E Mathis

Champion class males

Argenta’s Culpepper running

C.I.B, SeUch, FiUch, NoUch, Nordic Ch, Vice-JWW’08 Argenta’s Culpepper

C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro

Caroline with Culpepper and Boel with Kolja waiting 

Champion females, Argenta’s Caitline and Argenta’s Felicity in the middle

SeUch, FiUch, Vice-JWW’08 Argenta’s Caitline

Argenta’s Caitline running

SeUch, LP I Argenta’s Qayenne , 9 years, winning the veteran class and became BOB veteran 

Argenta’s Qayenne running

Argenta’s Caitline BOS and Caudatus Zeus BOB

Argenta’s Qayenne in prejudging for veteran finals

Argenta’s Qayenne running in veteran finals

Our breeders group in the finals, three combinations containing
A. Qayenne, A. Felicity, A. Culpepper and A. Caitline

Högbo International triple show

Schnauzer judge: Dodo Sandahl, Sweden
Miniature schnauzer: Mette Tufte, Norway
Group judge: Chwalibóg Elzbieta
Breeders group judge: Croeser Martin
Veteran judge: Sandberg Charlott 

Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos except from the BOB because the rain were pouring down all day.

C.I.B, Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro won the BOB.
BOS Velvet Dandy’s Jamaican Me Crazy

Eskilstuna International show

Schnauzerjudge: Benny Blid Von Schedvin
Group judge: Svante Frisk

SeUch NoUch, JWW’10 Argenta’s Flanagan won Best och Breed and ended up as Best In Group 1 !!

Flanagan winning Best In Group under groupjudge Svante Frisk

Flanagan standing before the judge after showing his movement

Flanagan has the same powerful rear and compact body as his father Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro “Kolja”and the elegance and great expression of his mother Multi Ch, Multi Winner, JWW’06 Argenta’s Yoline “Cara”