December 2013

National Dogshow in Liepaja, Latvia


Schnauzer judge 08.12.2013: Kornelia Butrimova
Schnauzer judge 07.12.2013: Inese Pablaka

Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe won his last CAC on saturday 07.12.2013 and became Latvian champion, BOB and Best In Group 5! On sunday he took another BOB!
Way to go and big congratulations to all at Kennel Dinamunde!

argo_stunning LithCh, LithJCh, LvCh Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe, 23 months, perfectly shown by Evija Shukevicha
(Ch Caudatus Ray Of Sunshine x Ch Dinamunde Trifele)
Own by: Sabine & Oleg Ivanov and Kennel Dinamunde



argo_Argo together with the judge, handler Evija and owner Sabine


SKC Stockholm International Dog Show

Schnauzer judge: Marianne Holm, Finland
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Mette Tufte, Norway

1Argenta’s Morrison in junior class, 12 months old
Excellent, certificate quality, 4th best male
(Ch Caudatus Zeus x Argenta’s Eleonor)

Owner Monika Johansson & Johnny Strömberg


2SeUch Argenta’s Jameson 
Excellent, certificate quality, placed in the championclass
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owner: Anita & Yngve Freij, Sweden


3Ch Argenta’s Jameson with his owner Anita Freij in the champion class


4SeJW-12 Argenta’s Kingsley 
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Ch Dinamunde Trifele)
Own by Maria & Joakim Sundbom


5C.I.B & Multi Ch Argenta’s Falstaf Fakir 
Excellent, certificate quality, 2nd best male
(Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro x Ch Argenta’s Yoline)
Owner Kirsi & Jukka Kentala, Finland


6C.I.B & Multi Ch Argenta’s Falstaf Fakir


7Best male class
1 Multi Ch Doctor´s Order His Majesty (out of Ch Argenta’s Yeoman Yankee)
2 Ch Argenta’s Falstaf Fakir 
3 Mihan male
4 Argenta’s Morrison


8Argenta’s Meredith
 in junior class by her owner Carina Andersson-Rapp with excellent & certificate quality
(Ch Caudatu’s Zeus x Argenta’s Eleonor)
Owner: Carina Andersson Rapp & Birgitta Andersson


9Argenta’s Meredith
(Ch Caudatu’s Zeus x Argenta’s Eleonor)
Owner: Carina Andersson Rapp & Birgitta Andersson


10Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske 
Excellent, certificate and third best female
(Ch Spencer Tracy Vaz von Portenschlag x Ch Lisa Saltus ze Záhrabské)
Owner: Caroline Niklasson, Magnus Sporrek & Birgitta Andersson


11Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske  in movement


12Ch Argenta’s Wakanda
Winning Veteran class
(Ch Centara Outback Jack x Ch Keynotes Shouting Argenta Trombone)
Owner: Heidi Drube, Sweden


13Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske in best female class


14Caroline and Xocci became third best female with CAC


15Argenta’s Mini Delilah on the table
First time out on a officell show and they did a great job!
(Ch La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Dahlia)
Malin Rundström

16Ruth and Malin, a perfect match

17SeJW-12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia
(Ch La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)
Owner: Caroline Niklasson & Mikael Spetz


18SeJW-12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia came third in open class with CQ