June 2014

News from Finland

Great news from Kirsi Kentala and Staffan, C.I.B, Multi Ch Argenta’s Falstaff Fakir, Best Of Breed today in Kotka Finland.


SKK International show in Avesta

Schnauzer judge: Cindy Petersson
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Elena Ruskovaara

10452944_10152411185364724_1255839211980918538_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour, second time out and his coat on his back need to improve some more. But it was great to have him with us as he is such a nice dog.

10333397_10152411209134724_2043068744852786873_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour

1941438_10152411219909724_2165446615434622625_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour

10275461_10152411219854724_3573687529706567525_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour

1492446_10152411210384724_5956169268232624662_oSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia came fourth in youth class.

SeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

10460592_10152411220324724_982360354733671616_oSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

10379932_10152411220384724_1594780838618916335_oSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

10481559_10152411211309724_8246982835857375926_oThe best male class as it was from the beginning, with Argenta’s Morrison winner from the open class, Argenta’s Kingsley winner from the champion class, Keeris Oscar second champion class and Argenta’s Yellowstone winner from the veteran class.
1. Argenta’s Kingsley with CACIB
2. Argenta’s Morrison with CAC and Res. CACIB
3. Argenta’s Yellowstone and BOB veteran
4. Keeris Oscar

10379768_10152411217934724_7775115692228884409_oSeUch, SeVCh, LP I, LP II, RLD N Argenta’s Yellowstone8 years old
(Int & Multi Champion Centara Outback Jack x Ch Argenta’s Roxanne)
Owner Maria Axelsson

Best female Argenta’s Loretta with CC and CACIB and New Swedish champion!
Second best female Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske with res CC and res CACIB

10446172_10152411213319724_5197213947629072500_oBest of Breed SeUCh, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley
Best in Opposite Sex SeUCh Argenta’s Loretta
Here with judge Cindy Pettersson

10450306_10152411215284724_8553772400387929880_oSeUCh, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley in the final ring where he was picked but not placed

10321098_10152411215309724_9062446935869350415_oSeUCh, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley

10348892_10152411217059724_8638156961426502190_oOur breedersgroup this time consisted with from the left Kingsley, Yellowstone, Morrison and Loretta


SeUCh Argenta’s Loretta 
(Int & Nordic Ch Argenta’s Flanagan X Ch, LP Argenta’s Brittany) 
Owner: Elin & Gunnel Björklun


10379822_10152411219509724_4139322389739886533_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour  
34 cm, eye checked clear, mentalitytested (4 greeting & 2 shooting)
(Ch Kaspelix Kompis Tage X Ch Zylvan Amber)

10286940_10152411219064724_5073149125972891973_oArgenta’s Mini Endeavour  

1270413_10152411219214724_8183672875840333913_o Argenta’s Mini Endeavour

News from Latvia

International show Rīgas kauss 2014
Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe, BOG-5, BOB, CACIB, Cruft qualification and Dinamunde Trifele, BOS, CACIB. Both of them also became Best in Show – brace!
Well done all our friends at Kennel Dinamunde


SSPK show in Norrköping

Schnauzer judge: Hans Almgren
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Anette Edlander
Miniature Schnauzer puppy judge: Hans Almgren
Best In Show Breeders class judge: –
Best In Show puppy judge: –

1959338_10152390529939724_9130093056094517213_nArgenta’s Morrison winning CAC and second best male

1524759_10152390530104724_655716438870756171_nCh Argenta Kingsley examined by judge Hans Almgren

10440977_10152390530134724_2225839736010953943_nSeUch, NoUch, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)
Owner: Maria & Joakim Sundbom

10380120_10152390669159724_1034212337234091619_oSeUch, NordicJW’11, NoJW’11, Korad Argenta’s Huckleberry
(Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro x Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owner: Annika Bengtsson

1891447_10152390669434724_383229187669191215_oCh Argenta’s Huckleberry

10384216_10152390530444724_2457843390142669514_nFemales in the junior class. We had three sister from our N3 litter coming from North and from South
Argenta’s Nevada, Nigella and Noblessa

10308068_10152390530049724_614561309269848483_nArgenta’s Nevada with handler Tori Mal

10360441_10152390751094724_6089419917246986094_nArgenta’s Nigella and Argenta’s Noblessa

10360620_10152390751614724_6786375296125957665_nArgenta’s Nigella

10418377_10152390530094724_127132450330136382_nArgenta’s Noblessa 

10441422_10152390751649724_6030712416203019175_nArgenta’s Noblessa

1510443_10152390528994724_8199813824230068680_nXocci Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske winning open class and best female class with CAC 

10169461_10152390530639724_2824783770639198827_nXocci Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske

10349149_10152390528889724_5927059949879183936_nBest female class, Xocco, Noblessa, Nevada

10427265_10152390530629724_9195561206899051116_nBoel handling Xocci in the Best of Breed competition

10433075_10152390528814724_6275340581357023765_nTwo wonderful dogs representing the true schnauzer type.
Best of Breed SeUch, NoUch, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley
BOS Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske (several CC and CACIB, not yet 24 months old)
Judge Hans Almgren, Sweden


10440098_10152390669389724_5316998291033292169_nSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

10311832_10152390669469724_7950958525485479110_nSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia

10363870_10152390529139724_41272686657036503_nFor the first time out Argenta’s Mini Floyd 4 months 
(C.I.B, Multi Ch Imbir Iz Salskoy Stepi x Argenta’s Mini Caprice)

10440685_10152390529174724_4914429188686806144_nArgenta’s Mini Floyd “Ralf” a wonderful puppy so full of self confidence.
Best puppy male 4-6 months
Co owner Bjarne & Sandra Sideberg

10418519_10152390529194724_2353868628798150165_nArgenta’s Mini Floyd 

10351688_10152390529409724_1837038435072384481_nArgenta’s Mini Frances “Wally” also out for the first time
Best puppy female 4-6 months
Co owner Malin Rundström and Mikael

10373745_10152390529414724_5583754922687577062_n 10437460_10152390528834724_4164682809201446112_n 10338716_10152390669349724_775959039573183219_n 10428019_10152390529334724_8658640130831772542_n 10453358_10152390529289724_8302273894623495837_n 10302323_10152390668879724_723538184772224201_n 10456030_10152390529274724_2747191597477705732_n 10390350_10152390529229724_1732698396152588283_n 10391397_10152390529479724_5275151499974387555_n-2 10402885_10152390529454724_6420957423487440513_n 10291278_10152390529374724_6666458918808210518_n 10402613_10152390530289724_9123857501636820992_n 10364183_10152390530324724_8952001727728267508_n 10352775_10152390530584724_445216028080517650_n 10369605_10152390530494724_5226730232803908723_n 10426719_10152390530319724_1643056837599976228_n 10390415_10152390529029724_5677875695169700035_n 10391397_10152390530209724_3363060662631321562_n 10345824_10152390530259724_8608052495756270397_n 10395829_10152390530369724_1414006705593090751_n 10452306_10152390530484724_4492328189134944727_n