May 2014

SKK International show in Norrköping

Schnauzer judge: Arne Foss
Miniature Schnauzer judge:

10424230_10152390751499724_4481916632578108811_nArgenta’s Morrison competing from youth class

10295760_10152390751469724_4479301054830683498_nArgenta’s Morrison

10447738_10152390529564724_3594160120190426252_nMulti Ch, Multi Winner, KORAD Argenta’s Huckleberry 
(Ch Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro x Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owned by: Annika Bengtsson

10455432_10152390669079724_3038419533317587430_nCh Argenta’ s Huckleberry winning in the champion class

10356032_10152390751734724_4570572623382807872_nSeUch, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley second best male

10173809_10152390751104724_6949863983575575762_nCh Argenta’s Huckleberry and Ch Argenta’s Kingsley

10356364_10152390668694724_3418481873842652032_nArgenta’s Nigella with owner and handler Sophie Hedberg in junior class
(Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen x Argenta’s Yoline)
Owner: Sophie Hedberg & Caroline Spetz



10428110_10152390669819724_4686766811485811460_oArgenta’s Noblessa with handler and owner Annika Bengtsson in junior class
(Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen x Argenta’s Yoline)
Owner: Annika Bengtsson

10357263_10152390669474724_417131549223013220_nArgenta’s Nevada together with handler Tori Malm in junior class
(Qaspar Vom Achterplätzchen x Argenta’s Yoline)
Owner: Eva Medin


10342433_10152390751109724_2573187331156544432_nSophie and Ellie (Argenta’s Nigella) so much fun in the ring, our baby clown. The poor judge gave Ellie several chances to show how she really looks like.

10446719_10152390751274724_7201867202273498857_nIt is so much fun, having the sister in the same ring.
Argenta’s Nigella

10363133_10152390751884724_4103912332529820898_nArgenta’s Nevada

10372566_10152390751574724_4957815510632160286_nArgenta’s Nevada “Myrra”

10443652_10152390529634724_6474284046528636256_nCh, Multi Winner KORAD Argenta’s Huckleberry winning BOB under judge Arne Foss Norway.
BOS Velvet Dandys Lovelace

10352778_10152390528909724_3592215381461054871_nCaroline showing this beautiful Rottweiler female Consenzas Lay All Your Love On Me
Owner and breeder Ingela Sundqvist

10372308_10152390751909724_687018497845501909_nConsenzas Lay All Your Love On Me “Trolla”

10013580_10152390751954724_8648996715617526327_nConsenzas Lay All Your Love On Me “Trolla” winning Best of Breed under judge Arne Foss Norway.
Proud owner our old friend Ingela Sundvist

10376995_10152390751319724_6116690830872779068_nSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia on the table

10351146_10152390751354724_7527736442484691868_nSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia
(La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)
Own by: Kennel Argenta

10411434_10152390529529724_3920216775589348992_nKennel Argenta’s breeders Group, Three combinations, 2 females and 2 males.
Morrison, Nigella, Noblessa, Kingsley


10443376_10152390546914724_699125248088679664_nWhile Caroline where showing the breeders Group in the final ring Monika Johansson took care of Trolla and the pre judging in the big FCI 2. Monika was doing a great jobb.

Maria was also doing a great work, handling Huckleberry in the prejudging when Annika was showing Noblessa in the breeders Group.


Caroline and Annika waiting for the pre judging

News from Estonia

Tallinn 31.05.2014 Estonian Winner`14
Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe won Best of Breed, CACIB, CAC and thereby became Estonian Winner 2014, Estonian Champion and Baltic Champion!
Well done Kennel Dinamunde!


Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe
(Caudatus Ray Of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)

SKK International show in Österbybruk

Schnauzer judge: Susanne Svedjebrink
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Maritha Östlund Holmsten


Argenta’s Morrison
(Ch Caudatus Zeus X Argenta’s Eleonore)
Owner Monika Johansson and Johnny Strömberg

Morris_österbybrukArgenta’s Morrison


SeUch, NoUch, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine X Ch Dinamunde Trifele)
Owner Maria and Joakim Sundbom

Jameson_österbybrukCh Argenta’s Jameson and his owner Anita Freij together with judge Susanne Svedjebrink
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owner: Anita & Yngve Freij

jameson_1_österbybrukSeUch Argenta’s Jameson became 2 best male
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owner: Anita & Yngve Freij

karamelli_ståbild_österbybrukArgenta’s Karamelli
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)
Own by: Kennel Argenta

karamelli_stå_österbybrukArgenta’s Karamelli

indiana_österbybrukArgenta’s Indiana
(Ch Argenta’s Yellowstone X Ch Argenta’s Caitline)
Owner Frida Önner and Caroline Niklasson

indiana1_österbybrukArgenta’s Indiana

kelly_märta_österbybrukArgenta’s Indiana and Argenta’s Karamelli
Argenta’s Indiana second open bitch excellent and Argenta’s Karamelli first open bitch with excellent

indiana_karamelli_österbybrukArgenta’s Indiana and Argenta’s Karamelli

kingsley_bobArgenta’s Kingsley became Best of Breed
Thank you judge Susanne Svedjebrink

endeavour_österbybrukArgenta’s Mini Endeavour first time out perfectly shown by Maria
(Ch Kaspelix Kompis Tage X Ch Zylvan Amber)
Owner: Nina Holmberg and Kennel Argenta

eddie_österbybrukArgenta’s Mini Endeavour on the judging table with judge Maritha Östlund Holmsten

dahlia_österbybrukPart of the open class females, Argenta’s Mini Dahlia “Kenja” and Caroline first in the row

dahlia_bord_österbybrukSeJW-12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia on the judging table
(La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)
Own by: Kennel Argenta

catie_matilda_österbybrukMathilda Sundbom our next handler were competing with Argenta’s Caitline in handling for Children.
They came on a honorable second Place

catie_matilda_österbybruk1Matilda and Catie


kingsley_förhandsgr_österbybruk Ch Argenta’s Kinglsey in the prejudging for FCI group 2

kingsley_stå_österbybrukSeUch, NoUch, SeJW-12 Argenta’s Kingsley

uppfödargrupp_österbybrukArgenta’s breeders group 3 combinations

uppfödargrupp_österbybruk_ståBoel with Argenta’s Indiana, Monika with Argenta’s Morrison,
Maria with Argenta’s Karamelli and Caroline with Argenta’s Kingsley

Argenta’s Indiana, 3 years
(Argenta’s Yellowstone x Argenta’s Caitline)
Owner: Frida Önner and Kennel Argenta


endeavour_ståArgenta’s Mini Endeavour, 17 months
(Kaspelix Kompis Tage x Zylvan Amber)
Owner: Nina Holmberg and Kennel Argenta

News from Russia

We got some wonderful news from another great Argenta male. Argenta’s Nordic Nobleman was shown on the Russian Schnauzer 35 years anniversary show in Moscow. A great number of entries under Finnish Schnauzer judge Kari Järvinen. “Norman” winning Russian Club Junior Champion and junior BOB in huge competion. We are so proud!
Elena, Alexandr and Yulia thank you, you really know how to make a happy breeder

Argentas’s Nordic Nobleman, 11 months
(Qaspar vom Achterplätzchen x Argenta’s Yoline)
Owner: Elena Btaeva, Yulia Kuramshina and Alexandr Uchaev

norman_24maj_running“Norman” in movement


News from Latvia

Schnauzer-Pinscher show (judge – Petko Csaba, Hungary)
Multi Ch Argenta’s Mini Dag Diplomat became second best male after his son Dinamunde Ahtamar, that proves him as a good producer.
Photo by Vadim Shadrunov

duke-bob-17majMulti Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Mini Dag Diplomat with owner and handler Marina Zarina

SSPK show in Hässleholm

At the SSPK specialty show in Hässleholm Ch Argenta’s Wakanda won Veteran Best in Show 2 Congratulations Heidi and Candy!

Candy-bis2-hässleholmCh Argenta’s Wakanda on the photo from the show,
10 years young a superb broodbitch and very much loved at kennel Elestorp
(Centara Outback Jack x Keynote’s Shouting Argenta Trombone)

SKC International show in Hässleholm

We got excellent news from Annika Bengtsson and Hubbe.
Argenta’s Huckleberry became best male with CACIB
Great work as always Annika!

Hubbe-17majSeUch, NordJW-11 Argenta’s Huckleberry, 4 years
(Borodatij Djavol Graf Kaliostro x Centara Dazzling Dubonet)
Owner: Annika Bengtsson

News from Latvia

Judge: Elena Kruus
We got wonderful news from our two males in Latvia! Ch Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe “Argo” won BOB and Best in Show 3 on the Latvian Spring Show in Riga.
Ch Argenta’s Mini Dag Diplomat “Duke” won BOB and Best In Show 6!
Kapten Kaempes son Nois Epoha Nerlot won junior CC and Junior Best in Show 3.
Argo and his mother Ch Dinamunde Trifele won Best in Show Brace.
Behind these successful males is a great team with Angela, Oksana, Argos owner’s 
Sabina and Oleg, Dukes owner Marina and the skilled handler Evija.
We are so grateful!

Argo-bis3-17majMulti Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe, 2,5 years together with handler Evija
(Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Dinamunde Trifele)
Own by: Sabina & Oleg Ivanov and Kennel Dinamunde

Argo-bis3-17mayCh Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe


Multi Ch, Multi Winner Argenta’s Mini Dag Diplomat, 2,5 years
(La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)
Own by: Marina Sarina and Kennel Dinamunde

News from Russia

 We got some wonderful news from our friends in Russia

Argenta’s Nordic Nobleman is doing great over there as his sisters are doing here.
He is now Russian Junior Champion!
Under different judges he has recieved several Club Junior Winner, Junior CAC, Junior Best of Breed and Best of Breed. We are so happy about his great wins and are so proud over this amazing litter, our N3 litter.
Thank you Alexandr, Elena and Yulia for wonderful care with Norman