September 2012

Puppymeeting with K3, L3 and Mini-D litter

We have had a great day together with our wonderful puppyowners and their lovely dogs from our K3, L3 and Mini-D litter. There were totally 19 dogs running free and playing with eachother,.
It’s so nice to see father and sons, mother and children and even grandmother and great grandmother playing and having so much fun together.

Argenta’s Karamelli “Kelly”

Karamelli and Kendall

Karamelli and Kendall

Karamelli and Kendall

Karamelli and Kendall

Karamelli, Kendall and Loretta

Caroline talking to Urban and Umberto who owns
Argenta’s Mini Dharma and Argenta’s Mini Absolut Agnes

Agnes, aunt to our Mini-D litter

Agnes, Dhalia, Daphne and Dharma

Kendall, Karamelli playing with their father Caudatus Ray of Sunshine “Mollberg”

Mollberg and Kendall

Mollberg playing with his two sons Kendall and Kingsley

Kendall and Mollberg

Kendall and Loretta

Klementine, Kendall and Kingsley

Karamelli and Kingsley

Louisiana, Kendall, Kingsley, Karamelli and Klementine

Klementine and Louisiana

Crazy Karamelli and Kendall

Deacon and Dharma playing

Deacon “Zeb”

Loretta and Daphne

Dharma, Deacon and Loretta

Delilah “Ruth”

Delilah together with her “big sister” Argenta’s Jalapeno “Elsa” who is 13 years old

Boel explains the day’s activities


Malin and Delilah


Caper playing with Deacon

Anneli who have Argenta’s Brittany, mother to the L3 litter,
and Argenta’s Idalee is explayning and showing rally obedience

Tommy and Idalee

Malin, Elsa and Ruth

Lena and Daphne

Eva, Ola and Louisiana

Anneli and Idalee


Caroline is showing everyday care and grooming, on the table Lucinda who is in need of grooming

Umberto and Malin with all the minis

Time for coffee

And some quiz 

Now it’s time for some showtraining, Caroline and Dahlia instructs how to train. 


Maria and Kingsley “Nelson” is listening

Karola and Klementine “Kora”

Caroline is acting judge

Mona and Kendall “Milou” is doing a great job despite never shown before

Malin and Delilah

Elin and Loretta “Tyra”

Maria and Nelson doing tricks

Jan and Deacon “Zeb” showing high five

Eva and Louisiana “Molly” doing some balance exercicing 

Rally obedience

Big congratulations to Anneli who competed with Argenta’s Idalee “Ida”, only 16 months, and got 96 point wich gave her the third place. Also Argenta’s Brittany “Bella” competed and came on a sixth place with 94 points.
Now both Idalee and Brittany have two qualifying results and only need one more each to move up to the advanced class.
We are so proud and happy for you Anneli who do such a great job with the girls!


News from Russia

 We got some new results from Russia and Argenta’s Just Jaeger who got excellent, CAC, CACIB and went Best in Opposite. He’s now close to the Russian Champion title. 
At an age of only 16 months he already got several titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, RFLS Champion, RKF Champion, Junior Vice Champion of Eurasia, Club Winner, Candidate to Club Champion, BOB at the special show Schnauzer.
Thank you Alexandra Ermakova for taking such good care of him! 

Argenta’s Just Jaeger together with his handler Olga Babaeva


Argenta’s Kapten Kaempe became Best In Show puppy at a group 2 show this weekend in Latvia.
Shown by our dear friend Evija and owned by kennel Dinamunde.
Big congratulations and thanks for a great work with him!


We are so very proud of Margaretas great success in agility with Ch Argenta’s Mini Antonov “Anton”
and Ch Argenta’s Mini Brilliant “Mira”.
Anton came in first place in agility class 2 and in second place in jumping class 2. Only one “stick” to go before moving up in agility. He has already moved up in jumping!

Mira came in third place in agility class 1 and are now ready for class 2 in both agility and jumping 

SSPK Höganäs

Judge: Benny Blid Von Schedvin, Sweden, 43 Schnauzer pepper & salt
Judge: Eva Nielsen, Sweden,  ?  Miniature Schnauzer pepper & salt
Best In Show judge: Lemo Niksa, Croatia 

We only had one Schnauzer with us to this show and two minis
 Kolja winning BOB under judge Benny Blid von Schedvin in huge competition. BOS Ch Estellet’s Freja-Fashion

Thank you Caroline Brodd Björklund, kennel Broddways, for this lovely picture of our Kolja

Later on Kolja ended up as Best In Show 3 under judge Lemo Niksa

SeUch, LatCh, LithCh, EstCh, BalticCh Zylvan Amber on the judging table
She got excellent and certificate quality and placed as fourth in champion class

Photo: Caroline Brodd Björklund, kennel Broddways

Argenta’s Mini Dahlia “Kenja” were shown for the first time and ended up as second best puppy female with a great judgement!

Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of Kenja from the ring but here’s one from the grooming table

Kolja in the hotel room