April 2014

SKC National Show in Västerås

Schnauzer judge: Börje Espeland, Norway

11 Standard Schnauzers P&S were entered to the show

10329929_10152314219159724_9138078720224292883_oFirst out in juniorclass were Argenta’s Morrison

10298508_10152314219169724_2349044552348282976_o“Morris” is a great dog to show and that is thanks to his owner Monika who have done a great handing work with him

892687_10152314219269724_5585134125670457265_oArgenta’s Morrison
Own by: Monika Johansson & Johnny Strömberg
(Ch Caudatus Zeus x Argenta’s Eleonor)

10265556_10152314219264724_5461133501253501218_oMorris were second best male with CAC

10014153_10152314232429724_1709008169169013207_oSeUch, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley
Own by: Maria & Joakim Sundbom
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Ch Dinamunde Trifele)



10258664_10152314238579724_681268477220035182_oTogether they became best male

903580_10152314252779724_6146100184907089593_oThen it was time for the females and Argenta’s Nigella in junior class

10010858_10152314252794724_6114134483482750500_o“Ellie” is truly a great mover

1493389_10152314253109724_536357501386518659_o“Ellie” with her handler and owner Sophie

Argenta’s Nigella, 10 months
Own by: Sophie Hedberg & Caroline Niklasson
(Ch Qaspar v Achterplätzchen & Ch Argenta’s Yoline)

1397459_10152314253904724_8922563118338408061_oArgenta’s Nigella and Sophie Hedberg went all the way from junior class to win best female. This was the second time “Ellie” competed official and won over several older females from other classes.

10255932_10152314273024724_6098483666527629053_oBest male Ch Argenta’s Kingsley shown by his owner Maria and best female Argenta’s Nigella shown by her owner Sophie in Best of Breed competition

1956744_10152314273019724_1239732049940695611_o BOS Ch Argenta’s Kingsley  and BOB Argenta’s Nigella
Thank you judge Börje Espeland for appreciating our dogs! 

10262197_10152308976854724_1050796621721236062_nWe are so very proud! 
We have the best puppyowners who all handled their dogs, it was a joy sitting outside the ring and look att Maria and Sophie doing a great job in the ring and in best of breed. 
On the picture: Monika with Argenta’s Morrison who won the CAC, Maria with Ch Argenta’s Kingsley who won best male and BOS, Sophie with Argenta’s Nigella who won best female with CAC and BOB!
We couldn’t be happier about these youngsters and their fantastic owners!

Argenta’s Jezebel 15th birthday

Today we are celebrating Jezzie on her 15th birthday (we also meet for Easter). Of course she had a cake and her best friends where coming over. Unfortunately Clura, Kelly and Eileen had to stay at home.

1979549_10152298921484724_7144408157667995129_nC.I.B, SeUch, DanUch, FinUch, NordicCh, GermCh, NordicW’03, RostockW’04 Argenta’s Jezebel,15 years
Owner: Gunilla, Gabriella & Alexandra Garpås
(Ch Argenta’s Dutchman x Ch Argenta’s Qlaudia)

10151365_10152298921474724_5887068755333846993_nJezzie is still going on long walk, playing with her toys, she is healthy and is still a very young dog

10151365_10152298921489724_363755006537685725_nJezzie with her friends
From left Int & Multi Ch Von Roth’s Fanfare (13,5 years) Ch Argenta’s Octavia (13 years),
Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Jezebel, Int & Multi Ch Argenta’s Caitline (7 years) and
Swe Junior Winner’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia (2 years)

10155214_10152298921469724_6662374556516601337_nThe cake was delicious, Catie and Kenja couldn’t resist waiting until the cake
were cut up and couldn’t get enought of it

Jezebel_Easter05C.I.B, SeUch, DanUch, FinUch, NordicCh, GermCh, NordicW’03, RostockW’04 Argenta’s Jezebel
Jezzie in her glory days, here winning Best Of Breed at the International easter show in Stockholm 2005, handled perfectly by Gunilla Garpås

SKC International Easter Show in Kista

Schnauzer judge: Birgitta Svarstad
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel 
Best In Show Breeders Group judge: Siv Jernhake

We had a wonderful day with great results and so much fun with friends and wonderful puppyowners!
Thank you all our friends for making this day possible, we are so grateful. A special thank you to Monika, Johnny, Sophie, Sophie, Maria and Calle for bringing Jazzman to the show when Pia was out of town!

10256350_10152297401534724_7115682527664372776_oArgenta’s Morrison, 17 months
“Morris”, shown by Caroline, won junior class and ended up as third best male with reserv CC
Own by: Monika Johansson & Johnny Strömberg
(Ch Caudatus Zeus & Argenta’s Eleonor)

856325_10152297410749724_7562737828216083121_oArgenta’s Jazzman, 2,5 years old
“Sigge”, shown by Caroline, became second best male with CC, reserv CACIB and Swedish champion! 

He have been shown three times and received the CC all three times! 
Own by: Pia Lindgren
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine & Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet)

10257724_10152297413724724_2550938702053140508_oSeUch, NoUCh, SeJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley, 2 years
“Nelson”, shown by Caroline, won champion class, best male with CACIB and later on Best of Breed
Own by: Maria & Joakim Sundbom
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine & Ch Dinamunde Trifele)

1781009_10152297492659724_144245433228922642_o Best male class: Monika with A. Morrison, Boel with A. Jazzman and Caroline with A. Kingsley

902081_10152297497429724_562026632818755473_oArgenta’s Nigella, 9 months
“Ellie”, shown by Sophie, became best junior female and second best female with reserv CC, perfectly shown as always by her owner Sophie Hedberg
Own by: Sophie Hedberg & Caroline Niklasson
(Ch Qaspar v Achterplätzchen & Ch Argenta’s Yoline)

1502784_10152297499479724_7732662270648660967_oArgenta’s Nigella, 9 months 
Own by: Sophie Hedberg & Caroline Niklasson
(Ch Qaspar v Achterplätzchen & Ch Argenta’s Yoline)

1911054_10152297502429724_8084545904681509296_oXocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske, 22 months
“Xocci” shown by Caroline winning open class, best female and later on
Best In Opposite with CAC and CACIB
Own by: Magnus Sporrek, Caroline Niklasson & Birgitta Andersson
(Ch Spencer Tracy Vaz von Portenschlag & Ch Lisa Saltus ze Záhrabské)

10256651_10152297504589724_7065785908360197853_oC.I.B, SeUch, FinUCh, NoUCh, Nordic Ch, Argenta’s Caitline, 6,5 years
“Caite” shown by Boel won the champion class
(Ch Jetaime Talhi Raritet & Ch Argenta’s Shinade)

1973575_10152297512009724_2518620064885840373_oBest female class: A. Nigella became second best female, Xocci became best female and third female were Justice Artax’s Angels

10256920_10152297516324724_8472133362411139446_oBOS Xocco Saltus Ze Zahrabske and BOB Ch Argenta’s Kingsley
Thank you judge Birgitta Svarstad for appreciating our dogs


10256484_10152297536414724_6730845524661921649_oWe also had a breeders group that became best group with honour prize

823525_10152297522114724_8045202470584924587_oWhile we were showing our standards unfortunatelly Kenja had to be shown at the same time.
BUT thanks to wonderful friends everything turned out perfect.

Dear Sophie Ekström showed Kenja perfect to a fourth best female in a huge female class.

1614210_10152297525639724_4389387454430875601_oSeJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia, 2 years
“Kenja”, shown perfectly by Sophie Ekström, became fourth best female under Schnauzer specialist
Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel 

(Ch La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)

1511980_10152297531484724_7702234558018560692_oSeUCh Argenta’s Jazzman, shown three times, three CC and the Swedish championtitle.
Our J3 litter has been a Amazing litter with so many champion offsprings,
HD A and great mentalitytest results.
Own by: Pia Lindgren
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Ch Centara Dazzling Dubonet)

1548183_10152297534109724_8403696921814463873_oArgenta’s Jazzman

10003869_10152297535049724_4136345080950391373_oArgenta’s Jazzman

10285221_10152297537644724_89589584165016795_oAn all breed competition

1493469_10152297538259724_5625774435713739921_oA group of four combinations:
Argenta’s Morrison, Argenta’s Nigella, Argenta’s Caitline & Argenta’s Kingsley

1617762_10152297540424724_2822619324166159129_oFour different litters: Argenta’s M3, N3, C3 and K3 litter

10259306_10152297540434724_8633164132562154158_oWe are so happy for wonderful puppyowners, grooming, showing, prepairing outside the ring, photographers and so much fun


NKK International show in Bergen

Schnauzer judge: Harry Tast, Finland
Miniature Schnauzer judge: Henrik Johansson, Sweden

Ch Argenta’s Caitline won BOS and took the CAC and CACIB and thereby gained 3 championtitles: Norwegian, Nordic and International champion! And Nelson, Ch Argenta’s Kingsley became BOB with CAC and CACIB and became Norwegian champion!
Thank you judge Harry Tast!
And thank you Maria for a wonderful and funny trip!

1926276_10152267231524724_1954424910_oC.I.B, SeUCh, FiUCh, NoUCh, NordCh, Res.WJW’08 Argenta’s Caitline
and SeUCh, NoUCh, SEJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley with all their prizes

SeUCh, NoUCh, SEJW’12 Argenta’s Kingsley, 2 years old
(Ch Caudatus Ray of Sunshine x Ch Dinamunde Trifele)

IMG_9001SEJW’12 Argenta’s Mini Dahlia, “Kenja”, became 3rd best bitch with Res CAC
(Ch La Leia’s Brilliant Bailey x Argenta’s Mini Aksinja)

IMG_9014 Kenja happy and playful in the ring, she truly loves to be in the showring