Argenta’s Izendia

Argenta’s Izendia

Swedish Rally Obedience Champion
Swedish Blood Tracking Champion

Rally Obedience M
Rally Obedience A
Rally Obedience F
Rally Obedience N

14718803_10202473693600921_6085067543197290812_nArgenta’s Izendia winning her blood tracking champion title

15203360_10202661586058115_5651048005069819083_nArgenta’s Izendia winning the highest title in rally obedience in master class

14721719_10202473706441242_7659042720533774411_nArgenta’s Izendia “Storsha” with her owner Eva Medin competing in rally obedience

13254468_10201909205769078_5938113578140851826_nStorsha winning her first diploma in obedience, LP I

Orange standArgenta’s Izendia 8 weeks old

Orange sitt

Owner: Eva Medin Passed mentality test with
1 on shooting, 5 on contact

Pedigree of Kennel Argenta’s third I-litter
Born 6th of May 2011

Sire Dame
yellowstone-stand1 DSC02629-1024x641
Swedish Champion, Swedish Bloodtracking Champion, LP I, LP II, Rally Obedience N, Rally Obedience F, Rally Obedience A  International Champion, Swedish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordic Champion, Reserv World Juinor Winner’08
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